Katrina Kaif and Neil Nitin Mukesh
Katrina Kaif and Neil Nitin MukeshReuters

Neil Nitin Mukesh has become the latest celebrity to be made fun of on micro-blogging site Twitter after Alok Nath, Danny Denzongpa and Arvind Kejriwal.

The actor, who turned 32 on Wednesday, started trending on Twitter since Tuesday night. Twitter is now flooded with jokes and memes making fun of the actor's name Neil Nitin Mukesh.

Although, the jokes appeared about a week ago, it grabbed attention on Tuesday night. Surprisingly, the actor took the jokes sportingly and even re-tweeted some of them.

Here are few jokes and memes on Neil Nitin Mukesh:

@Thechiragnarula: Neil Nitin Mukesh is India's answer to three musketeers.

@TheBlazingIndia: Neil Nitin Mukesh vote thrice in election.

@TheBlazingIndia: Neil Nitin Mukesh can vote to three different parties in one election.

@ishaanhumble: When neil nitin mukesh was born the nurse said congratulations u have a single triplet!

‏@Excelsior_me: Kitne aadmi the? Sardar 3, neil nitin mukesh

@bwoyblunder: Gutthi can do a complete 5 minute intro joke sequence with Neil Nitin Mukesh. "Nitin-Neil, Neil-Nitin, Neil-Mukesh

@iamsidd4u: Neil Nitin Mukesh Can't Ride Bike...Coz Tripling Is Now Allowed....:P

@ranjn2: Happy times for Alok Nath since he'd get to do 3 Kanyadaans at Neil Nitin Mukesh's wedding.

@AadityaNyk: Neil Nitin Mukesh was the reason behind "Kabool hai, kabool hai, kabool hai"

@Crazy_casanova: Neil Nitin Mukesh can take a hat-trick in a single ball.

‏@ranjn2: Neil Nitin Mukesh is a democracy in himself. By the Neil, for the Nitin, to the Mukesh

@VasudeoMishra: Sequel of Amar Akbar Anthony will be called Neil Nitin Mukesh

@Aniruddha15: Maggi launches 3 minute noodles for Neil Nitin Mukesh

‏@MissKD_91: Only Neil Nitin Mukesh can complete a Three -years diploma course in just one year.

@Thechiragnarula: A low budget love triangle casts only Neil Nitin Mukesh in the lead.

@SanaAs21: When neil nitin mukesh clicks a selfie, it becomes a group photo

@TheGauravChopra: Neil Nitin Mukesh will play Tom, Dick and Harry in the remake.

@LethalBaba: Neil Nitin Mukesh has never done a double role. Because thats not possible.

@nihaalfrnz: Dad:Three mistake of my life - Neil Nitin Mukesh!!!

@emrnbichu: Neil Nitin Mukesh is the sequel of Two and a Half Men"

@SeedhaSaadhu: The concept of the movie 'Om Jai Jagdish' came from none other than Neil Nitin Mukesh.

‏@NaitikSays: Neil Nitin Mukesh once booked a ticket on IRCTC & got W/L, RAC & Confirmed ticket for same passenger !

‏@akhil21_5: Neil Nitin Mukesh always use a "Share AutoRickshaw".

@shivam120894: Neil Nitin Mukesh - Neil vs Nitin vs Mukesh in #Koffeewithkaran for the hamper