NPA Hyderabad
The Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy (SVPNPA)@svpnpahyd/Twitter

The Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy has now reported seven more cases of COVID-19. Seven senior IPS officers who were undergoing their Mid-Career Training at the academy tested positive on Thursday. 

The news comes after 80 staff members had tested positive two weeks ago at the NPA in Hyderabad.

NPA reports 7 COVID-positive cases among senior IPS officers

79 IPS officials had come to the SVPNPA, Hyderabad to undergo their mid-career training in the middle of September. They were also placed under mandatory quarantine and were attending their training which began on September 14th virtually.

NPA Atul Karwal director spoke to The Hindu saying, "They were quarantined for 10 days after coming to the campus from their cadre. However, online training started on September 14, as per schedule, which they were attending from their accommodations."

It was after RT-PCR tests were conducted on Tuesday, the results came back of the quarantined officials, showing seven had tested positive for COVID-19. Many of the police officials were actively serving as COVID warriors so it is believed their risk of infection is high. Classes are being conducted for the ones who tested negative. 

Many officers feel that the mid-career programmes at the SVPNPA should be paused until the COVID situation gets better. Senior officers need not be put at risk. Early this month, 80 staff members had tested COVID-positive and were from the administrative and maintenance departments.