In a late night raid on Friday, the police recovered three African Grey Parrots from the possession of the authorities of Tarzan Circus in West Bengal's Birbhum district.

The birds have been shifted to a safe and spacious aviary with the help of the state's principal chief conservator of forests, a PETA India representative said.


"These days, children are increasingly becoming aware that the use of animals in circus involves cruelty and hence they are choosing other forms of entertainment. If circus authorities want to remain relevant, they will have to modernise and go animal-free, using only willing adult human performers," the PETA India representative added.

Grey Parrot
Grey ParrotIANS

"Animals have been found continuously chained or confined to small, barren cages when not being used for performances. Animals in circuses throughout the country are deprived of adequate veterinary care, food, water and shelter and are often forced to perform tricks through punishment. Many animals display stereotypic, repetitive behaviour indicative of extreme stress," he said.

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