Weeks after a gruesome video emerged showing the Taliban stoning a young woman to death, new footage shows a woman being publicly lashed by men in the same province of in Afghanistan, and local media reported that she died from her injuries. 

The 26-year-old, Shirin Gul, was reportedly lashed by a group of men in Afghanistan's Ghor province after she was accused of running away from her home. 

Shirin's family has claimed their daughter died after she was publicly flogged. "When we contacted Shirin Gul's father, he confirmed his daughter died from the lashing," a social activist told TOLO News.

Officials did not confirm the woman's death, said the report. However, local authorities confirmed that the public lashing did take place in the Ghor province. 

Afghanistan's interior ministry has reportedly ordered an investigation into the crime, which comes weeks after the Taliban stoning. 

Last month, 19-year-old Rokhsahana was stoned to death in the same province, and the video of the incident had sparked global outrage against the crime.

Rokhsahana was accused of eloping with her fiance and having premarital sex with him. 

The Taliban trapped her in a pit in the ground and pelted stones at her till she died. The incident took place on 25 October in Firozkoh, the provincial capital of Ghor.

The Taliban, which ruled Afghanistan in the 1990s before being toppled in 2001, is known to carry out such punishments against those accused of flouting their rigid Islamic norms.