A video purporting to show the execution of a Taliban suicide bomber at the hands of Afghan soldiers has reportedly gone viral in Afghanistan, which has been caught in the midst of a deadly wave of terror attacks. 

The video shows a man said to be a Taliban suicide bomber with his hands tied, and is seen being shot dead by at least two men wearing military uniforms. 

The authenticity of the video is not confirmed but it has gone viral on social media in Afghanistan, with many even praising the execution, Khaama Press reported. 

The viral video was reportedly filmed in Afghanistan's Zabul province that has seen increasing Taliban presence.

According to the Afghan media, there have been increasing instances of individuals being executed after being tried in 'desert courts', which do not fall under the legal system.

Afghanistan's Ministry of Defense is investigating the video of the execution of the suicide bomber, according to the Khaama Press. 

The report said there was a possibility that armed militants may have disguised as Afghan soldiers.