Thousands of Afghans gathered on the streets of Kabul on Wednesday protesting the recent beheading of seven civilians by Isis militants in Zabul. The victims, all Hazaras, included two women and a child. 

Afghans from all communities, including Pashtoons, Hazaras and Uzbeks came out on the streets with posters and chanted 'death to Taliban' and 'death to Daesh (Isis)', and are set to march to the presidential palace, local media reported. 

The protesters also carried the coffins of the murdered civilians during their march. 

The seven Hazaras had been kidnapped from Afghansitan's Ghazni province and their decapitated bodies were found in Zabul on Sunday. 

In some form of justice, Taliban members in Zabul hanged several Isis militants who were responsible for the beheadings. 

Taliban and Isis are rivals as they fight for control in Afghanistan, which has been the former's stronghold.