Nine Isis fighters were killed and four of them were beheaded by local militia affiliated to a member of Parliament in Afghanistan's Nangarhar province on Saturday. 

Gunmen from the local militia called Pasoon or 'Uprising' in eastern Afghanistan, who are reportedly affiliated to deputy speaker of Parliament Zahir Qadir, killed fighters of the Islamic State after four of their members were beheaded by the terror group. 

The militia also placed the decapitated heads of the Isis fighters on a roadside, TOLO News reported. 

"They took our colleagues and beheaded them and we attacked them and beheaded them," a militia member told the channel. 

The Islamic State group, which is looking to get a foothold in Afghanistan, has often clashed with the Taliban and other local militias in the country. Isis calls its affiliate in Afghanistan 'Khorasan Province' or 'Wilayat Khorasan'. 

In June this year, Isis fighters reportedly beheaded 10 Taliban militants in the restive  Nangarhar province. 

In November, Taliban fighters detained Isis militants responsible for beheading of several Hazara Muslims in Zabul, and executed 15 of them. 

There are said told be about 1,000 to 3,000 fighters of the Islamic State in the country, and the group has taken to radio-waves to recruit more members. 

The group has been giving out radical messages through its radio programme titled "Voice of the Caliphate", which is aired in the eastern region of the country.