Head of Afghanistan's second-largest political party -- Jamiat-e-Islami -- Salahuddin Rabbani reacted to the caretaker government of the Taliban and said that a government composed of a single ethnic group will not last long.

Salahuddin Rabbani has written on his Facebook post that the monopoly of power has been experienced in the past which was defeated and the Taliban with this cabinet will too bite the dust, Khaama News reported.

Taliban govt comprising single ethnic group will not last long

The former foreign minister wrote the post from an unknown place as he had fled Afghanistan to Islamabad prior to the Taliban takeover, and Pakistani officials say that he has left that country as well.

Rabbani said that the Taliban had pledged to establish an all-inclusive government which is not seen at all in their new cabinet and accused the Taliban of being tribal extremists.

"The people of Afghanistan will never accept the regimes which have been imposed through force and will fight to change the ongoing undesirable situation," read the statement.

Rabbani has called on the international community and the regional countries in particular not to rush for the recognition of the Taliban because the government does not represent all the classes and ethnic groups of Afghanistan, the report said.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan announced a 33-member caretaker cabinet on Tuesday (September 7) in which no woman is seen.