Adulting web series
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With a sum of Rs1,820 in her account, Ray sets out to put together a perfect budget birthday party for her roommate because a. she forgot it was her birthday and b. she is broke AF. Standing in an aisle of everything yellow, Ray gets a text message from LIC stating that a sum of Rs 900 is deducted from her bank account and further Rs 500 cuts down from her account towards SIP.

She finally decides to put together a party with just Rs 420 in her hand and she still manages to bring a smile on her roommate Nikhat's face. That is one of the most relatable moment of the first episode of Adulting, a new web series from Dice Media.

The famous production house behind popular web series like Little Things and What The Folks! have put together a tale of two young women in Mumbai who are trying to find their way around adulthood.

The lead characters are played by popular internet star and 3 Storeys actress Aisha Ahmed and Dear Zindagi fame Yashaswini Dayama. The five-episode series recently dropped the first episode on YouTube this week.

In the first episode, viewers are also introduced to problems like finding a good house in a pocket-friendly budget (that moment when I said, same!), managing expenses and gathering the courage to tell the maid that her salary has been delayed by a week (oh the horror!)

Although it is only one episode down and not much of their lives have been explored, Adulting is relatable. Right from taking a bus to work because there is no money in the pocket to feeling homesick on your birthday and having a not-so-similar roommate that would do anything to cheer your mood.

Sharing the motivation behind the series, Ashwin Suresh and Anirudh Pandita, the founders of Pocket Aces said, "20s are an exciting and challenging time for all of us. Real life finally smashes into the expectations that we've built up in our school and college years. Adulting is a real and relatable look into how we navigate these first, few exciting years of adulthood."

Adulting could find a place alongside web series like Ladies Room, Alisha and Girl in the City provided it branches out from the small flat and into real life situations that women in the 20s can relate to. We'll have to wait and watch to see what this web series branches out to become.

As of now, check out the first episode here and let us know your thoughts in the comments below: