A scene from the Korean movie "House With A Good View"
A scene from the Korean movie "House With A Good View"Screenshot/Youtube

South Korean adult film director Lee Soo-sung has been indicted by the Seoul Central District Court for releasing a footage showing a lead actress topless without her consent. The movie in question is the 2012 Kwak Hyun-hwa-starrer "House With a Good View."

It is understood that Kwak filed the charge against Lee for allegedly releasing the nude scenes featuring her in the film without her consent. According to Korea Times, Kwak was reluctant to do the scene, but Lee convinced her that he would cut it out while editing.

While the film itself did not feature the said scenes, Lee released a director's cut of "House With a Good View," in which Kwak is topless. The scene is now being shared by people on file-sharing internet sites and internet protocol TV, reports Korea Times.

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Following Kwak's charges, Lee filed a counter-accusation charge against the actress claiming, "She sued me as if I, who had all the rights to the filmed scenes, distributed the scene illegally." This, however, has been been discredited by the court.

"Although Lee kept the promise with Kwak when filming the movie, he broke the promise later by distributing the movie. That violates the sexual violence crime punishment laws," explains the prosecutor.

The director is now punishable for infringing the sexual violence crime punishment laws and making a false charge in his counter-accusation. You can watch the trailer for "House With a Good View" here: