Railway Station
A Railway Protection Force (RPF) officer patrols with a weapon past passengers at the Chhatrapati Shivaji railway station in Mumbai July 15, 2011. (Only for representational purpose)Reuters

In a disturbing incident at the Bhubaneswar railway station on Sunday, a 10-minute long film with adult content was mistakenly aired on television sets meant to display arrival and departure information.

According to media reports, the incident occurred at around 3.15 p.m. and the content was broadcast on television sets all through the station.

As soon as the content began playing, shocked travellers lodged complaints with the Station Manager and the Railway Protection Force (RPF) was called to investigate.

The RPF inspected the transmission room and detained the operator, Asutosh Swain, who had uploaded the adult content from his mobile phone to the CPU, reported NDTV.

However, Asutosh maintained he inserted the mobile phone memory card in to the CPU only to scan the content and not broadcast it. RPF Inspector Baruna Behera confirmed Swain was being interrogated and stringent action would follow.

Swain could be booked under Section 145 of the Railway Act (committing of any nuisance or act of indecency or the use of abusive or obscene language).