Yuri and Seung-hwan
Yuri and Seung-hwanscreenshot/youtube

After months of speculations about the dating status of Girls' Generation's Yuri and Hanshin Tigers' Oh Seung Hwan, it has been confirmed that the singer and baseball player are in fact together.

Since last November, the adorable couple has been spotted together on many occasions. The one that unleashed the flood of gossip is Yuri staying back in Japan after Girls' Generation finished recording.

Rumour mills suggested that although the girl band finished their recording in Japan on 6 March, Yuri stayed back for another five days, until the 11th, to support her beau Seung Hwan ahead of his first appearance in Japan's professional league. Since then, they have been meeting up, whenever their schedules allow it.

According to Dispatch reporter Na Ji Yeon, the couple officially started dating in the end of last year and has since been enjoying ordinary dates watching movies, singing karaoke and dining at restaurants. 

Now, SM Entertainment also officially confirmed the news and sent out warm wishes to Yuri and Seung Hwan. Sources close to the couple also say that Sueng Hwan, who is known as the "Dol-bucheo" (Stone Buddha) for always maintaining a stoic and emotionless face at all times, is often seen laughing and cooing to his lady love.