Adivi Sesh and Supriya Yarlagadda
Adivi Sesh and Supriya YarlagaddaCollage of photos taken from Twitter and Facebook

Young Telugu actor Adivi Sesh has refuted rumours about his wedding with Nagarjuna's niece Supriya and said that he is only focused on acting and writing of his upcoming movies and nothing else.

According to reports, Adivi Sesh has been dating Supriya Yarlagadda for quite some time now. Though their love affair is an open secret in T-Town, the couple has often denied it. The actor recently said that he would make a big announcement towards the end of February. His revelation fueled speculations that they are taking their relationship to the next level.

It was furthered reported that the Akkineni family is up for another wedding celebration. It was Naga Chaitanya's wife Samantha Akkineni, who played the role match-maker for the duo Adivi Sesh and Supriya and it will be a destination wedding.

Adivi Sesh was apparently disturbed to read the rumours about his wedding with Supriya Yarlagadda. He took to his Twitter account to set the things right. The actor and scriptwriter neither mentioned her name nor the word wedding/marriage. But he smartly put all the speculations to rest.

Adivi Sesh tweeted, "Guys n gals, the only big thing happening in my life right now is movies. Acting. Writing. Trying to live the dream by doing what I love. Trying to keep my head down. Work hard. Keep getting better. Keep doing my best. Nothing else. :) Love, Sesh (sic)."

Talking Hyderabad Times, Adivi Sesh said, "It's not true at all. It's just random gossip that is being spread online. Fake news." When asked about the big announcement, the actor said, "I will share details about it soon and it will be big, I promise. But as of now, I'm under strict orders not to speak about this."

Supriya Yarlagadda is the daughter of Nagarjuna's sister Satyavathi and sister of actor Sumanth. She is also an actress and played female lead opposite power star Pawan Kalyan in 1996 movie Akkada Ammayi Ikkada Abbayi. She was seen playing an important role in Adivi Sesh's 2018 hit movie Goodachari. She divorced her first husband and has a kid with her first marriage.