• Fred The Red with live mannequins in Kolkata.null
  • The live mannequins with the Manchester United kit in Kolkata Adidas Store on Saturday.null
  • Fred The Red watches as the fans showcase their football skills after sporting the new Manchester United kit.null
  • Two Manchester United fans donned the new kit in Adidas Bangalore.null
  • Manchester United New Kit in the Bangalore Adidas Store.null
  • The Manchester United fans gather outside the Adidas store in Mumbai.null
  • The Manchester United fans in Mumbai takes a selfie after unveiling the new kit.null
  • The Manchester United fans in Kerala cut a cake after the new Adidas jersey was unveiled on Saturday.null
  • Fred The Red with the two live mannequins in Goa Adidas Store.null
  • Manchester United fans in Chennai outside the Adidas store after the jersey launch event on Saturday.null

Manchester United, in association with Adidas, revealed the new home kit for the 2015-2016 season on Saturday across several cities in India. The new jersey launch events were carried out in Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kerala, Chennai, Goa, Delhi and Gurgaon. 

Taking inspiration from the classic three-stripe United kits from the 1980s, Adidas re-engineered the iconic designs with a modern twist, taking familiar style features that were loved by the fans and combining them with the latest performance technologies to produce innovative, modern classics.

The new kit has taken its inspiration from the classic three-stripe Red Devil kits from the 1980's. The jersey is now available in all the Adidas stores across most of the cities in India.

The Manchester United new home kit is priced at Rs 3,999. The away kit will be unveiled on 11 August according to reports.

The new kit has been designed by Adidas designer Inigo Turner who has been a huge fan of the club for a long time. He expressed his delight and was also happy with the 'Break Expectations' campaign by Adidas that promoted the events across the world.

"At Adidas we have been on a real journey in creating these kits for Manchester United. This landmark sponsorship is not the first time we have partnered with the Club and it is with these iconic kits of the past that we drew our inspiration from. We have aimed to break expectations by re-engineering simple but impactful design features such as the classic v-neck collar and the iconic three-stripe detailing down the arms as our commitment to giving Manchester United a truly ground breaking kit for the 2015/16 season," Turner told reporters.

Manchester United Group managing director, Richard Arnold, heaped praise on Adidas for their products, which has helped in improvement of the game. 

"Everyone at Manchester United is very proud of the shirt's classic design, which draws upon the Club's iconic kits of yesteryear. Manchester United and Adidas have a long and illustrious history in football, both leading the way in innovation and performance. The design of the 2015/16 kit will not only appeal to our loyal supporters, it will also showcase Adidas' expertise in creating state-of-the-art performance products for the football industry. We look forward to sharing the designs for our complete Adidas range with fans via our 100m social media connections, as well as seeing them within the stadium and on the streets, creating a new classic design culture, opening a new chapter in Manchester United's history. We are proud to welcome Adidas back to the Manchester United family and look forward to a successful and exciting future together," Arnold added.