Director Ravi Babu's Telugu movie Adhugo featuring Nabha Natesh and Abhishek Varma in the lead roles has received mixed review and rating from the audience and film critics.

Adhugo is a comedy-drama and director Ravi Babu has written the script for the movie, which has been produced by Suresh Babu under the banner Suresh Productions. The film has received a U/A certificate from the censor board and its runtime is 1.50 hours.

Adhugo story: The film is about a piglet named Bunty, which is stolen by a gang. But due to a few errors, it ends with a lover boy (Abhishek Varma), who needs a pet to gift to his girlfriend (Nabha Natesh). Bunty consumes a chip with valuable data that gangster Six-pack Shakti (Ravi Babu) badly needs. What happens next is a comedy of errors.

Adhugo has an interesting plot, but it suffers from weak scripting, narration and tacky VFX. But some comedy scene keep you engaged throughout the movie. Ravi Babu, Nabha Natesh and Abhishek Varma have delivered good performances, which are the saving grace of the film, say the audience and critics.

We bring you some audience and critics' verdict on the film shared on Twitter and various movie portals. Continue to see them in Adhugo movie review roundup:

Ranjith Kumar‏ @TheGabbeta

#Adhugo View Point: An appreciable attempt and effort by director #RAVIBABU & team and @SureshProdns. The entertainment stuff works quite well for the children.

Jalapathy Gudelli‏ @JalapathyG

#Adhugo: A "comedy" about various gangs searching for a piglet. Lousy writing, boring narration, tacky VFX, Ravi Babu's brand of yuck comedy, horrendous acting.....all these make one of the boring movies of this year.

Venu Smart PC‏ @VenusmartPc

Congratulations to Team #Adhugo Super hit Talk in All over Director #RaviBabu Creative Levels Very Much High @SureshProdns Again Encourage the Different Concept with Great production Values Movie Entertaining with Comedy till the End Blockbuster 4 Diwali #Bunty @bhaskarabhatla

satish kumar‏ @satishprints

I watched movie "Adgugo". Good Movie. My rating is 4/5 Story is searching for Bunty(Pig). How He reach his Home...

Mirchi9‏ @Mirchi9

#Adhugo Review – Thundering Bore! Mirchi9 Rating: 1/5 With half of the movie dedicated to introducing characters with funny names, & other half moving them in circles from one place to another, what we get is a thundering bore of a crime caper. #RaviBabu has a unique style that can be easily made out just by watching few scenes. The humour bears a stamp that screams Ravi Babu. However, of late he has not been able to merge his comic sensibilities neatly into a cohesive plot. @SureshProdns @UrsVamsiShekar #Adhugo .@NabhaNatesh is a lovely presence on screen. She is attractive, and one wants to see her do the cute act. Bad luck though, she has nothing of that kind on offer.

Weekend Review‏ @cinema_radar

#Adhugo Movie Review - Wat the Pig Pig graphics are fine, Runtime Silly Comedy , Weak Direction , unbearable scenes , Everything.... *Overall Very Silly and Childish Skip it #Adhugo is Unbearable - 1.75/5 #AdhugoOnNov7th #AdhugoReview

Ganesh Ravuri‏ @ganeshravuri

Watching a pig wallow in the mud might be more entertaining than #Adhugo. What a terrible piece of crap!

123 Telugu Rating: 1.5 

Adhugo does not live up to all the hype that has been created prior to the film's release. There is not one episode which looks convincing as the proceedings bore the audience completely. What we get to see in the name of comedy is a chaos of chases throughout the film with silly and over the top scenarios. Skip this film this weekend and look for other options this Diwali.

Telugu Cinema Rating: 0.5 

Adhugo' aims to be a comedy of errors and eccentric characters but turns out to be horrendous affair. A weak story and blunt screenplay make it an outdated and boring movie. The second half is most chaotic, to say the least. It ranks among one of the badly made movies of this year.

Huffington Post:

Adhugo, in its present state, isn't necessarily endearing, but it's a comedy that film buffs shouldn't ignore, for it belongs to a genre that's unexplored in Telugu cinema.