Actress Adah Sharma has been feeding stray animals near her house here. She says "coronavirus or no coronavirus, the animals are still hungry".

Adah Sharma
Adah Sharma.Adah Sharma Instagram

"I have my earliest memories of feeding animals. My mother being an animal lover I think I get it from her. Corona or no corona, the animals are still hungry so yes, we get out of our home to feed them," she said.

She ensures wearing a mask and taking precautions.

"The animals need food just like us. They need to be fed as well. We all share the planet. Let's all stand for one another," she said.

Adah Sharma
Adah Sharma.Instagram

Adah has also shared a video on Instagram that shows her feeding a stray cat, and also speaking to the animal. She explains goes on to say that coronavirus does not spread through cats and dogs.

She shared a few don'ts about feeding stray animals: "Do not feed strays in the middle of the road. The roads are empty and they seem to have lost their sense of traffic."