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  • Lissy practicing KalaripayattuLissy/Facebook
  • Lissy practicing KalaripayattuLissy/Facebook

Malayalam actress Lissy was recently in the news for making her comeback to the entertainment industry after 21 years.

It seems like the actress is now preparing herself to look young and fit for her rumoured role as a Maoist in the upcoming Malayalam film, directed by debutant Thilakaraj.

The actress has asked all her fans to keep practising yoga and kalari and shared some photos saying "Yoga, Kalari, walking or whatever u do , Keep practising!!!!! Be good to your health".

The photo has become an instant hit on Facebook and has been liked by more than 20,000 fans of the actress within 3 hours. 

Good morning dear all !!! Yoga, Kalari, walking or whatever u do , Keep practising!!!!! Be good to your health ...

Posted by Lissy on Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Earlier, there were reports that Lissy will be seen as a martial arts expert in the upcoming film. The actress had also shared few pictures of her training at a Kalari.

However, there were also some unconfirmed reports that Lissy will make her comeback in National Award winning director Ram's Tamil film, in which she will be seen a 45-year-old woman.

Lissy, who was a popular South Indian actress in the late 1980s and early 90s, stayed away from acting in films after she got married to popular film-maker Priyadarshan. However, after a 24 years long marriage, Lissy filed for divorce in 2014.