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If Warner Bros. ever decides to make another DC ensemble superhero movie--then there's no question that Shazam! actor Zachary Levi would be a perfect new addition to the team. Moreover, the actor also hopes the studio eventually makes the sequel with the inclusion of his character. 

During a Q&A interaction with a fan at DragonCon (via: Comicbook), Levi expressed his thoughts over being a part of the Justice League team. He went on to share his excitement of getting to possibly portray an adult superhero with a 14-year-old kids' mentality interacting with other DC superheroes. 

"I hope so. I mean, I hope there's a Justice League 2, and I hope that Shazam is in the Justice League 2...I think that would be so much fun," Levi said during his fan Q&A at DragonCon in Atlanta. "The fact that I get to play a 14-year-old with superpowers is just like the coolest f—-ing job ever, and if I got to be a 14-year-old with superpowers who got to hang out with Wonder Woman and Batman, are you crazy? That's the stupidest — it's amazing! I would be having all the fun... It's so fun, it's so fun, but that's the funnest part of it is I get to be the fun one. Everybody else is actually sexy and cool and adults and I'm like, 'What's going on? Are we going to save the world?' I think Billy Batson and Peter Parker are the two closest... there's an optimism as a youth there, a stokedness if that's a word... to be a hero. And it's not that it's not dangerous or hard or whatever, but you're like genuinely stoked to be doing it and I would, me and the Flash would be having a ball, dicking around, slapping each other and running around."

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Shazam! movie had several Easter eggs and references to other superheroes such as Batman and the Man of Steel to assure fans that Levi's character is part of the DC Extended Universe. Furthermore, the film's post-credits scene also had a Superman cameo though it wasn't Henry Cavill who donned the role. Instead, Shazam! stunt double wore the costume for the brief scene. 

If Warner Bros. greenlights a Justice League sequel, it seems likely that Shazam would also be a part of it, especially since the character's standalone movie establishes his contact with Superman. 

Originally, Zack Snyder was expected to direct the follow-up Justice League 2. But following the lukewarm response to DC's 2017 superhero team movie, the studio is currently prioritizing on making good solo DC origin movies and exploring their arcs with sequels.

At the moment, director David F. Sandberg is confirmed to return to helm the Shazam! sequel.