Ajay Devgn and Sonakshi Sinha in Action Jackson
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Director Prabhu Deva's Bollywood film "Action Jackson" is one of the most hyped movies of 2014 and it has made it to the headlines several times for all good reasons. But released in theatres on 5 November, the film has garnered negative reviewers from the viewers.

Written by AC Mughil and Prabhu Deva, "Action Jackson" is an action comedy film starring Ajay Devgn and Sonakshi Sinha, Yami Gautam and Manasvi Mamgai in the lead roles. The story of the movie is about a small-time crook. What happens when he falls in love with a relentless girl will form the hilarious comedy. The movie is loaded with all mass and class elements.

But the movie buffs, who watched "Action Jackson" in the paid preview shows, are not impressed with the film. Many say that this movie is worse than the worst movies of the year – "Humshakals" and "Super Nani". Some viewers took to Twitter to blast the makers of the film.

Here is the live update of "Action Jackson" movie review by viewers.

Raja Sen

Can't get over Action Jackson. Such glorious madness. Feminist masterpiece on so many levels. Writing review now and grinning at screen. Alright, my review of @ajaydevgn's #ActionJackson, a milestone in feminist cinema:

RJ Chandni Mishra

Enjoyed the #ActionJackson movie awesome blend of comedy,romance, suspense & action @AJTheMovie

Sharad Verma

@AJTheMovie watched #ActionJackson One of the best movies. So much action, so much suspension & too much comedy also.. ALL IN ONE..

Manoj Meena

just watched #actionjackson .superb movie. high dose of comedy . @ajaydevgn rocked. @manasvimamgai loved ur role . must watch movie :)


#ActionJackson is a assault on the senses of us. it is really made me want to turn puke in the face. seriously crap


#ActionJackson - First half high on Comedy and the second part is with Action - Looking for complete blast today night show

IBNLive Movies

There are some unique, weird, unknown ways in which people can get lucky. #ActionJackson puts forth one such way. @AJTheMovie #actionjackson is thought provoking. Sends out a message to those who think education is meant for those who are well-educated. It's interval. There hasn't been even a single boring moment in #actionjackson till now. #actionjackson finds the best comic relief movie character in #kunalroykapoor. #ActionJackson offers an interesting blend of action, romance and comedy. #actionjackson has its flaws, but you'd still want to watch it for @ajaydevgn and @sonakshisinha

Ahmed Saleem

#ActionJackson superb movie, superb acting by ajay, full on entertainment. #ActionJackson hilarious scene when ajay stops the bus.Awesome.. #ActionJackson first half full on entertaiment and 2nd half awesome action scene, twist and emotions. #ActionJackson super masala movie Awesome performance by ajay Watch and enjoy.


#ActionJackson what a movie full on entertainer!! @ajaydevgn truly rocked and kudos to @pddancing... Truly enjoyed the movie..

Suresh Khanal

Huge noise, Unnecessary action and unbelievable story. Thumbdown to #ActionJackson

Vivek Sharma

With 2 Ajays in #ActionJackson means it is Rowdy Rathore 2. Movie is jeweled with no story, cliche dialogues & actress running to c naked AJ

Rahul Raut

If you like confusing films, unnecessary dialogues and songs then watch this purely self-indulgent movie. #ActionJacksonReview There's no easier way to say this: but @AjayDevgn's #ActionJackson is traumatic and is an endurance test of the worst kind. Mindless story, gravity-defying action, cliched dialogues and funny-looking villains. #ActionJackson is totally senseless movie. #AJReview

Mohar Basu

My question about #ActionJackson isn't why was it made! How on earth did it get U/A? The gore, the sexual innuendos; it's a pervert film! #ActionJackson could be amongst the most traumatic films I have seen! It will make you cringe. If you could puke on the film, you would!

Bhawana Somaaya

I have watched #ActionJackson and advice u to watch it at your own risk. All the best.

Aniruddha Guha

Interval at #ActionJackson. AND I DON'T WANT TO GO BACK IN!! Numb with pain & trauma. I may have just seen the worst film of my life. And it hurts, physically. #ActionJackson is pure, unadultered shit. Never thought I'd ever say this, but 2014 has managed to produce a film that's worse than Humshakals. #ActionJackson

Real Box Office

Yes @ajaydevgn's #ActionJackson is little too massy & loud with average writing work but it's very Entertaining in each frame.Rating(3.5/5*) Director @PDdancing provided you the same what he promised,@ajaydevgn is in master form specially in 2nd half(Stunts),Dominant & Convincing. Actress @sonakshisinha is more humorous this time,Yami gautam looked beautiful while @manasvimamgai is good but could have got better intro.

Prakshid Meshram

After scoring the worst album of the year #ActionJackson is now ready to compete against Humshakals for the worst film of the year.

Janice Sequeira

Didn't think I'd see a film worse than Super Nani this year, bt #ActionJackson is proving to be a worthy competitor #PrabhudevaStopDirecting. #ActionJackson is Ajay Devgn's Humshakals. I'd say it's worse. #ActionJackass


Action Jackson story is borderline offensive LOL Only Prabhudeva can come up with a story which has a heroine wanting to see hero naked so that her luck changes #ActionJackson

Manisha Lakhe

Getting stuck in saki naka traffic for 144 minutes in an auto in the middle of summer is better than #ActionJackson Being the cleaning crew after a tailgate party is nicer than #ActionJackson

Rachit Gupta

Manasvi Mamgai you are awesome! Hot seductive and totally tailor made to be a great movie vamp. Best thing about #ActionJackson #ActionJackson is actually two films put together. Random drivel in the first half sexy action in the second half

Abdul Razzak Khan

Action,Comedy,Suspense and Emotions.#ActionJackson Is A Must Watch. Full Paisa Vasool Entertainer #ActionJackson.Enjoyed It.Superb Action and Comedy with good Suspence and Emotions.well done #Actionjackson.

Anagha Sharma

The only reason to watch #AJ for me :P ;) "@Bollyhungama: . @shahidkapoor appears in a cameo in #ActionJackson with the track #PunjabiMast"