The problem with accidentally suggestive logos is that they are not suggestive at all till they accidentally become so. Once viewed from the 'other perspective' the interpretation of the signage is forever ruined.

Myntra logo change

Which is what happened with Myntra logo, a harmless colourful aplpahbet M suddenly became offensive. While the Myntra agreed to revise its logo after the complaint filed by a Mumbai woman, it not only started a meme fest but put the spotlight on similar suggestive logos. All accidental, of course.

Doordarshan logo…Offensive or no?

Now that the netizens have forced the others to take a closer look and reinterpret, the Doordarshan logo looks like sixty nine. "Now ban Doordarshan as well or change it," laughed a Twitter user.


Fried chicken brand Dirty Bird

Men weren't far behind, in raking up the logos that were offensive exclusively to them. Starting with fried chicken brand Dirty Bird. "If Myntra logo offends you…just saying" posted another. Dirty mind, shall we say? Not really, since the rooster logo was intentionally kept 'naughty' by artist and graphic designer Mark James for the fried chicken brand.


Dirty Bird

Lupin Global logo

The true and equally funny thing is several users especially went in there to take a relook at the logo and then you can't unsee that. Sure enough the logo has changed but not nearly enough to tear away from the perverted interpretation, remarked a netizen. "If Myntra logo is offensive towards women, then Lupin Global logo is offensive towards men. Please change it," joked a user. Is the design team of the global pharmaceutical company listening?



Renault, Adidas, Gmail logo… offended anyone?  

At least the memers are not going to look at the logos the same way. Gmail has the same alphabet M for its logo. The meme fest didn't spare Adidas original sign nor did the Renault automaker's.

Gmail logo


Apart from the plagiarism complaints hurled at their logo (it was believed to be inspired by Automation Anywhere logo), the Airbnb logo was found offensive in a suggestive way. The noteworthy thing is while everyone agreed the logo was offensive, no one could actually figure what it actually stood for?

airbnb logo