Dr Subbiah Shanmugam

ABVP's national President Dr Subbiah Shanmugam has been booked by the Chennai police after a 62-year-old woman from Chennai for harassing her, urinating outside her house, all over a disagreement over parking slots.

The widow has filed a complaint at Adambakkam Police Station dated July 11th. She has demanded that Shanmugam pay for using her parking slot. She received support in doing so from her nephew, Balaji Vijayraghavan. 

ABVP's national president faces neighbour woes

The unnamed woman is a widow who lives in Shanmugan's housing society in Chennai and the two disagreed over the usage of parking slots that has led to discord. But, the women has levelled allegations against the ABVP's national president for throwing surgical masks at her doorstep and a lot more.

The complaint also added that the top oncologist masturbated at her door step, called the woman over the intercom and asking if she wanted chicken despite knowing that she was vegetarian. 

The doctor was tested COVID positive previously and has recovered following which he throws neems leaves and his used face masks. 

Attaching evidence along with her complaint she has attached CCTV footage as well as photos to back her claims showing the ABVP leader urinating outside her house, the New Indian Express reported. 

ABVP statement

Neighbour's complaint takes a political turn

Bail Plea: KanimozhiReuters

An FIR is yet to be filed in the matter but the complaint has turned into a political issue. The Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) has come down hard on the matter. DMK leader M Kanimozhi on Twitter expressed that it had become a routine for the police to turn a blind eye towards complaints against right-wing members. 

Shanmugan, however, has claimed that allegations raised against him are false and the footage doctored. He claimed the woman had 'ulterior motives'. ABVP's Rahul Choudhary also stood by the doctor and claimed that the footage was doctored. The ABVP has threatened legal action against the woman for defamation.

ABVP national general secretary Nidhi Tripathi issued a statement that there was an issue over parking slots. She clarified that both parties discussed the issue and with the housing society that a 'misunderstanding' had led to the problem. 

The woman's nephew is stand-up comic Balaji Vijayaraghavan, reportedly claimed the police were not helping his aunt. He said, "We decided to file the complaint as he was reluctant to take any corrective steps. We had serious concerns about my aunt's safety as well," media reported.