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Ranbir Kapoor's Animal has received mixed reviews. While people are hailing the Kapoor scion's performance, the Sandeep Reddy Vanga movie is slammed for the vulgarity and toxicity in the plot. Amid all this, cricketer Jaydev Unadkat has also lashed out at the makers for making such a film. He also called the film a "disgrace".

Animal release

Jaydev's post

Jaydev took to social media and wrote, "What an absolute disaster #AnimalTheFilm was! Glorifying misogyny in today's world and then tagging it as mere "traditional masculinity" and "alpha male" is a disgrace. We ain't living in the jungles and palaces and fighting wars or going hunting anymore."

The Lucknow Super Giants player further added, "It doesn't matter how good the acting was, one shouldn't glorify & show such acts in a movie that is watched by millions. There is a thing called social responsibility even in the entertainment industry that one should never forget. Just feels bad that I wasted my 3 hours to watch such a pathetically made movie." He, however, later deleted the post.

Jaydev Unadkat
Unadkat finished with 15 for 2 in the third T20I on SundayIANS

Anurag Kashyap comes out in support of Animal

Anurag Kashyap and Ram Gopal Varma, on the other hand, have rave reviews for the film. Anurag urged everyone not to get offended by what they see in films. He added that one always has the choice to watch or not watch a film but they can't stop a filmmaker from making their choice of film.

"Nobody has the right to tell a filmmaker what kind of films they should and shouldn't make. People in this country get easily offended with films. They get offended with my films too. But I expect educated people to not get offended at the drop of a hat," he said in an interview.

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Swanand Kirkire expresses disappointment

Swanand Kirkire has also taken to social media and expressed his disagreement with the film. He said how such films would change the projection of women in cinema.

Kirkire also expressed his disappointment over the trajectory such movies take about "alpha male" and "victimised women". He also added that even though the movie is making a lot of money, it is a disgraceful turn towards embarrassing the history of Indian cinema.