Ankita and Vicky

Bigg Boss 17 is high on emotions this year, Every contestant this is picking fights with one another. With absolutely no room for understanding. In the ninth week, there are no real relationships inside the house. Fights, pulling each other down and digging and poking each other amid fights is what these contestants are doing.

Bigg Boss 17

Isha and Abhishek fight

Last week saw co-contestants and ex-flames Isha Malviya and Abhishek Kumar indulging in an argument that escalated into a physical altercation.

The fight got so out of hand that on Weekend Ka Vaar Salman Khan reprimanded Abhishek for his behaviour and also slammed him for being insensitive and always agitated.

Isha is dating Samrath and the two are often seen showcasing their love for each other openly inside the house.

Abhishek Kumar age shames Vicky Jain

Recently, Abhishek age-shamed Vicky Jain and was called out for the same.

After facing body shaming by Arun Mahshetty, Vicky Jain was age-shamed by Abhishek Kumar in 'Bigg Boss 17'.

An argument broke out between Vicky and Abhishek over kitchen duties inside the house.

Abhishek had asked Vicky to help in arranging washed utensils to which the latter declined and said: "I have already been doing a lot of work and I'm done with my duties for today."


During their argument, Abhishek starts age-shaming.

He says, 40 saal ki umar mein.." He goes on. Vicky keeps telling Abhishek to keep the utensils in one rack, but Abhishek doesn't listen which leads to further argument between the two, 

Vicky talks more and Abhishek says, "Please jaldi bolo, bahut boring ho jaata hai aapki baat. Aap boring ho na."

Abhishek says, "I have work. I can't hear you talking so much. It gets boring." He then age shames Vicky.

This initiates a fight. Abhishek tells Vicky, "Aap bewakoof ho. Aapko samajh nahi aati. Sabse jaake poocho. Everyone says how stupid Vicky is. Main tere muh pe bolta hu." ( I say it on your face).

Vicky also keeps arguing with him. Abhishek says, "I am being real not being fake as you. I am doing very well in the game."

As soon as Vicky gets age-shamed. He tells Abhishek, I'll see you when you're 40 I'm at least successful".

Ankita tries to stop Vicky

Seeing the fight Ankita comes to stop Vicky, but he tells her to leave. Ankita even tells Abhishek to not age-shame Vicky.

The video of Abhishek and Vicky's fight has been shared on social media.

Take a look

A user wrote, " Why has he been tolerated till now when he has been given so many warnings? Body shaming ki pehle, provocation kia, character assassination kia Ab aj age shaming kar ra hai. He should be disqualified for coming on face-provoking to the next level. It's not at all interesting to watch, it for the camera it's clearly visible


Another mentioned, "A humble request to Big Boss. Don't show this Nakli Abhishek on national television he doesn't know how to respect anybody. He disrespected Khanzaadi and Isha and then in the last episode he is age-shaming Vicky Jain which is not acceptable..."


Other than Isha, Abhishek and Samrath's love triangle. Ankita Lokahnde- Vicky Jain and Neil Bhatt – Aishwarya Sharma also grabbed headlines inside the house.