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Director Remo D'Souza's Bollywood movie "ABCD 2" (Any Body Can Dance 2), starring Varun Dhawan, Prabhu Deva and Shraddha Kapoor in the lead, has got superb reviews from viewers.

Written by Remo D'Souza, "ABCD 2" is a grand 3D dance film, which is a bittersweet journey of love, friendship, betrayal, honour and redemption. The film deals with the real life struggle of choreographers Vishnu, Vinnie, and Suresh from Nallasopara, Mumbai, who went on to win the World Hip-Hop dance championship.

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The audience, who have watched "ABCD 2", say that there is nothing to special about the story. But the movie should be watched for Varun Dhawan, Prabhu Deva and Shraddha Kapoor's amazing performances, rocking music, wonderful dance choreography and brilliant cinematography.

We bring you the audiences' verdict of the film shared on Twitter. Here is the live update of 'ABCD 2' movie review by viewers:

Faridoon Shahryar ‏@iFaridoon

.#ABCD2 is a watchable underdog story that surely entertains you with simple storytelling n emotion packed performances. Varun Dhawan shines as an actor.When there r tears in his eyes,u know they r real.There's electricity in his body language! #ABCD2 Why Varun is v endearing? He's a team man.He lets every1 flower.The super dancers get their due n Dhawan emerges as a good leader!! #ABCD2 Shraddha Kapoor looks glamorous n dances really well.She's v likable.There's a complete shift in body lingo 4m past films.Imprssive! #ABCD2 The support dancers r very good n also pitch in interesting fun acting chops.Lauren looks really cool n dances brilliantly #ABCD2 On the flip side 3D isn't well done.Screenplay is ordinary n the film is long.Undue angles stretch the film 2 some extent. #ABCD2 All in all #ABCD2 is predictable but it entertains you for most parts n the climax sequence in itself is worth ur ticket price.Check it out!

Asнıι ツ ‏@Ashil143

#ABCD2 movie is highly entertaining,music,emotions,love,pride & passion that what is all about.. I seen new @ShraddhaKapoor in #ABCD2 today. Your fabulous in movie girl!! The way Vinnie loves dance is amazing.. There is no comparison of @PDdancing Sir you always put all your heart in movie weatther its dancing,directing or acting.We proud to have u Last bt not least @remodsouza sir thiz is an AWESOME movie.We seen dance many times but feel dance when u present it..We love to see more!<3

Ruchita Shah ‏@ruchitashah15

#ABCD2 is a wonderful ensemble of well-choreographed dance sequences & With the use of 3D to make it more stunning. #ABCD2inCinemas Dance to express, not to impress - The impetus words by director @remodsouza justifies the true meaning of this performing art form. #ABCD2

Varuniac_Maitri ‏@Maitri_VD

Just watch movie #ABCD2 wat an amazing movie. I have no words to describe amazing only u feel it @Varun_dvn @ShraddhaKapoor Varun ur amazing in dis movie ur dance is just awesome u killed it & dat speech is outstanding @Varun_dvn Shraddha ur amazing in dis movie ur dance was outdtanding love u as vinnie @ShraddhaKapoor And claimax is just outstanding & in vandemaatram song wen chunar part come i'm cried it was outstanding @Varun_dvn @ShraddhaKapoor #ABCD2

Kashif khan ‏@iamkashi10

#ABCD2:@ShraddhaKapoor is a real delight to watch in #sunsathiya. Amazing choreography and chemistry between @Varun_dvn and her.@remodsouza

Sivakarthikeyan fan ‏@SmartBarani

#Abcd2 full movie about just an awesome movie with awesome and perfect dance .. Some 3d effects are just cool totally loved the movie Charlie Chaplin , semi final and final dances are highlights of the movie .. Art direction and cinematography are too good #ABCD2 Bgm , beats and songs sema. . Not much negatives in the movie that i saw. If ur true dancer u r legs will shake while watching movie #ABCD2 Truly a whole new experience this movie is .. Watch it .u like it my rating for this movie is 4/5 editing also good #ABCD2

ABCD2 #19thJune❤️‍ ‏@JapyHere

Just Watched #ABCD2 And I am Outdone!!A WOW MOVIE!It Shows The Efforts Of @Varun_dvn @ShraddhaKapoor @remodsouza And Other Dancers! Varun Dhawan Impresses again by his Dancing and Acting Skills!So energetic and Enthusiastic he isProud of you Hero!Love you! Altogether A Paisa Wasool Movie!Go Watch it The Hardwork Thses ppl Have put in!#AMustWatch @Varun_dvn @ShraddhaKapoor #ABCD2 I will Defo Watch #ABCD2 Again!In love thismOVIE! @Varun_dvn @ShraddhaKapoor @remodsouza Love youu Guyssss! And HatsOff To the other Dancers who have left me stunned!Lauren,Dharmesh,Ragahv..,etc...#ABCD2 Your Hardwork is worthy of Praise!

Mukesh chhabra ‏@CastingChhabra

#ABCD2 is cool, glamorous and visually appealing. The dance will keep you at the edge of your seat @utvfilms wow go and enjoy Very few can match @Varun_dvn s energy n his http://skills.Watch out for 'Suru' in #ABCD2.Definitely a heart stealer. #Hardwork #respect #ABCD2 has some serious dancing.@remodsouza S talent does make a statement here.

Rohit H Mukkawar ‏@mukkawarrocks

#‎ABCD2 Review The movie lacks Drama bt dance performance is appreciated by audience & the movie is much better then its first installment...excellent music.... MOST IMPORTANT there is no point in watching this movie in 3D..waste of money if u watch in 3D... Dharmesh Yelande is the real hero for me ....overall 3 stars No point in watching #ABCD2 in 3D .... baaki movie is good only coz of #DharmeshSir & excellent Music by #SachinJigar

Kinjal ‏@kinjalmehta710

@Varun_dvn @ShraddhaKapoor #ABCD2 is mind boggling. What a fantastic performance! Totally Mesmerized.

♥Aɴusrɛɛ♡♥ ‏@anusree_bagchi

Happiness is watching #ABCD2 in 3D...:D @varun_dvn @shraddhakapoor You guyz are awesome... ♥

Salil ‏@creativegossip

#ABCD2 is a film that as no story. watch it only for #varundhawan's body shots as #ShraddhaKapoor cannot dance to save her life #ShraddhaKapoor is #ABCD2 is confused is she a model or a dancer. guess she thought she is doing #fashion2. poor girl #Varundhawan is so melodramatic in #ABCD2 - it's all about ma ka badla...gosh why waste so much money could have been shot in #nalasopara.. #ABCD2 needs a detective to find what is the story. ufff it's just a great travel docu on #Vegas @Varun_dvn @ShraddhaKapoor

Rohan choudhri ‏@RChoudhri

Interval #abcd2 super awesome loving every bit @remo_dance @Varun_dvn @ShraddhaKapoor @PDdancing super hit super 3D

saurabh bothra ‏@saurabhjain0143

Had a pretty good time at #ABCD2 . Delivers massively on the dance front, with every trick in the book crammed in. Will be a huge hit.

Aishwarya Pareek ‏@AishwaryaPareek

#ShraddhaKapoor can dance superbly, and she can sing too... wow... wish she could act too... #ABCD2

Sangam ‏@SangamSharma17

Completely full on of 1st Half. This #AbCD2 deserves an standing ovation. @Varun_dvn @ShraddhaKapoor steals the 1st half..

Jeevan Munde ‏@jeevanmunde

Saw #ABCD2 @Varun_dvn Incomparably brilliant, No one would have done better than u.. What a speech..Truly Great! #ABCD2 @ShraddhaKapoor Perfect chemistry with @Varun_dvn Your dance moves very Electrifying!! TOTALLY ROCKING Great job sir @PDdancing Hats off your performance truly amazing!!! #Guru #Respect #ABCD2 DID heroes are brilliant, Specially @LaurenGottlieb impressive performance. Angrezi mein saiyan kar liya tere naam ka tattoo #ABCD2

Janak Jani ‏@Janak_arsenal12

Just watchd 1st day 1st show #ABCD2 ! Mind freakin blowing movie! @Varun_dvn @ShraddhaKapoor @remodsouza & Prabhudeva sir outstanding movie!

Varun Gupta ‏@VarunG07

#ABCD2 is a Visual Spectacle tht stands on pure Passion n Emotion.D Climax gives u feelings u forgot existed in you!! @Varun_dvn @remodsouza

Teeshay ‏@_teeshay_

Dont miss #abcd2...apart from bein super entertaining..left me moist eyed too..@Varun_dvn @ShraddhaKapoor housefull 9am show despite rains

Mehul Agarwal ‏@mehulagzz101

The best entertainer of 2015 Comedy.. Romance.. Friendship.. Thrill.. and the DANCE.. M awestruck! @Varun_dvn @ShraddhaKapoor #ABCD2

Brothers Trailer ‏@RaghavAbhay

Watched #ABCD2, good movie, dances r superb, Prabhudeva's 1 dance is best of lot. All group dance performance r mindblowing. #ABCD2, @Varun_dvn danced and acted superbly, @ShraddhaKapoor surprised me with her dance performance n cute n sexy both n acted very well.