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Actress Aarthi Agarwal's father, manager and surgeon have different reasons for her death, but the actual cause is likely to be revealed only after her autopsy report is out.

In a telephonic conversation with a Telugu TV news channel, Aarthi's father Shashank Agarwal said that his daughter, who had undergone a liposuction surgery few weeks ago, died of a heart attack on Friday night, 5 June. He also confirmed that her body would not be brought to Hyderabad and her last rites would be performed in New Jersey. Click to see video of his conversation.

It was earlier rumoured that Aarthi passed away following a liposuction failure, but her manager Uma Shankar denied these claims. Speaking to a movie portal, he said that Aarthi complained of unease about 1.30 am and she was immediately taken to the nearest hospital in Atlantic City. But she breathed her last on the way to hospital.

The Telugu film star had approached a Hyderabad-based plastic and cosmetic surgeon and expressed her desire to go under the knife. The surgeon had turned her away, stating that she would not be benefited from liposuction. The surgeon had even tried to convince her to refrain from going through the surgery as she hardly had any fat under her skin.

"The first principle of liposuction is that it should not be used as a tool for weight reduction," The Hindu quoted Sudhakar Prasad, cosmetic surgeon at Apollo Hospitals in Hyderabad, as saying. "The surgery is meant for body contouring, to attain a shapely body. Complications arise when large volumes of fat are removed and a lot of other issues come into play."

Dr Sudhakar Prasad said it is criminal to remove more than three litre of fat through liposuction. Meanwhile, he also maintained that the fatal causes in post-liposuction cases is rare and can happen only in one out of the 10,000 cases. However, he added it was difficult to say what exactly led to Aarthi's death, although she was said to be suffering from chronic asthma.