Aam Aadmi Party.Reuters File

With another one now, AAP seem to be drowning in series of accusations. AAP leader Alka Lamba has filed a defamation suit against Delhi MLA and expelled AAP member Vinod Kumar Binny for posting news clips on Facebook accusing Lamba of running a sex racket.

The news clip allegedly had footage of her being arrested along with three sex workers and their clients. Along with Binny, Lamba has filed complaint against 40 more for stalking and posting derogatory comments on Binny's post.

"I have filed an FIR against Binny, Janardhan Mishra, Jitendra Prasad and others who are trying to defame me on social media. They were continuously posting derogatory remarks against me. Mishra had even threatened me on Twitter to refrain from speaking against Love Jihad," Deccan Herald quoted Lamba as saying.

However, Binny said that the account was not his and that it's a fake account created to tarnish his image.

"Why did he delete his Facebook page which had about 45,000 likes? Initially, he was claiming that somebody had hacked his account. And now, he his saying somebody had created a fake account," Lamba said, adding that Facebook users who had commented on the post are deleting their comments.

"Fearing prosecution, they (the accused) are now deleting their abusive comments posted on my Facebook page. People should come forward and take screenshots as proof and send them to me. This just shows how they disrespect women," she said.

Ahead of this, another AAP leader Tarun Singh was booked for sexually assaulting one of the party members while Mayank Gandhi was booked for abetting him in his crime.