Tollywood comedian Brahmanandam will emulate the role of Aamir Khan in "PK". The photo featuring him dressed in a skirt with a transistor embellishing the looks has gone viral on the social media.

Actor Aadi is currently busy shooting for his upcoming movie "Garam". He shared an on-location picture of the film on his Facebook page on 13 September. Besides posting the photo, he also wrote: "Here's a working still from my upcoming movie ‪#‎Garam. With PK.. ‪#‎Brahamanandam garu."

Later, actress Adah Sharma, who is playing the female lead alongside Aadi in 'Garam', also shared the funny photo of Brahmanandam on her Twitter page. She wrote, "And you thought you have seen it all ! Brahmanandam sir from my telugu film #Garam playing PK! Transistor n all "

In the photo, Brahmanandam is seen posing with Aadi. The picture features Brahmi wearing a cream blazer and a yellow skirt with embroidery and red border, while a transistor prominently hangs across him. His getup reminds us of one of the many funny avatars of Aamir Khan in his recent blockbuster movie. This image fast circulated on Twitter and Facebook minutes after it hit the net.

The comedian is said to be playing a cameo role in 'Garam'. He is seen emulating Aamir Khan's popular look from 'PK' in the film. He is currently busy shooting his portions in the movie.

"He comes dressed in a skirt with transistor a la Aamir from PK. It's for a small scene in the film. We laughed so much when we shot this scene and I can only imagine how much audiences will enjoy it," a source from the film unit told IANS.

This quirky look of Brahmanandam surprised many film goers. The film unit has kept the details of his character under the wrap. They say his role will be one of the highlights of 'Garam'. In 'PK', Aamir Khan played an alien, who lands naked on earth and he steals cloth to cover himself after seeing the people. Now, audiences are eager to know why Bramhi appears in PK getup in 'Garam'.