This might come as a major shock to many of us as Aamir Khan has shelved his magnum opus – Mahabharat. After almost two years of rigorous research, study, recee, Aamir has decided to call-off the project. While the news might come as a breather for many other directors planning to make epic mythological films or series, this news has surely disappointed all his fans.

Aamir Khan
Aamir KhanVarinder Chawla

Anything that Aamir Khan touches turns to gold. Barring one or two films, Bollywood's Mr Perfectionist has had a solid reputation of delivering only massive hits. So when Mahabharat was announced, there was no doubt that it would be bigger and grander than anything we have ever seen. However, the current situation has forced Aamir to change his decision.

A Bollywood Hungama report states that Aamir Khan realised that he couldn't be off-camera for two years and delve himself into this project. More than the commerce part of it, the current situation of people taking objections over shows and films is something that's a given with this project too. Hence, to avoid any controversy, Aamir has decided to distance himself from the epic saga.

Aamir Khan
Aamir KhanPR Handout

"Aamir can't afford to devote two years of his life to make a web series. He needs to quickly announce his presence in a big star-studded feature film directed by a reliable director. There were bound to be unsavoury controversies surrounding the project. Aamir feels now is not the right time to make the Mahabharat," a source told the website.

In fact, on being asked at an interview, Aamir had denied plans of making Mahabharat. He had said, "I never announced Mahabharat. You all assumed I'm making it then you assumed I'm not! When I want to make something I'll tell you. I don't want to respond to speculations. When I announce something, I should've answers to that."

There were reports that Aamir Khan had passed on Rakesh Sharma biopic to Shah Rukh Khan as he was going to be busy with Mahabharat. On the other hand, SRK had also made revelations on Aamir's role as Krishna in Mahabharat.