Aamir Khan
Aamir KhanPR Handout

Aamir Khan's track record in Bollywood is something that would act as a reference point for many. From picking up some unconventional, out-of-the-box topics and converting them into massy entertainers; Aamir certainly has an edge over others when it comes to excelling the craft of filmmaking.

No wonder, when the speculations of Aamir Khan directing and acting in magnum opus 'Mahabharata' started doing the rounds, audience and fans' joy knew no bounds. If there was anyone who could have come up with something as grand and opulent, it had to be Aamir. And when the news started floating around, the audience was convinced to buckle up for an entertaining, outstanding filmy ride.

Few reports had claimed that even Shah Rukh would be seen playing a pivotal role in the film and that, the film would be made in series since its impossible to capture the entire saga in few hours.

However, Aamir's recent statement has made us think otherwise. As per a Hindustan Times report, Aamir has clarified that he never made any such announcement about the film and is busy choosing from the four brilliant projects lined up for him. "I never announced Mahabharat. You all assumed I'm making it then you assumed I'm not! When I want to make something I'll tell you," he said.

Not just this, he also seemed pre-occupied with other projects and said that his next two projects demand him to be in a lean and fit state and thus he would just be focusing on it. He also expressed his desire to produce any or all of the four good scripts he has been offered.

Well, how long will we have to wait to hear an official announcement remains to be seen.