A... Aa
‘A… Aa’ set for a grand release: Nithin, Samantha spill beans on its story, their roles. Pictured: A... Aa posterTwitter

Director Trivikram Srinivas' "A... Aa" is awaiting a grand release on June 2. Ahead of the release, actors Nithin and Samantha, who are busy promoting the film, have revealed details of its story and the characters played by them.

"A... Aa" is a romantic comedy that is said to be a treat for the family audience. The makers of the movie have kept the Trivikram Srinivas-written story under wraps. But if we are to go by its trailer, the movie is about a boy and girl, who fall in love with each other after meeting in a train, but fail to express it. 

Nithin says the movie has a routine story, but its screenplay is impressive. "'A..Aa' is a simple love story which has been told many a times in the past. But it is the way Trivikram has narrated it with some beautiful emotions which I feel, will click with the audience big time," the actor said in an interview to 123 Telugu.

"It's a simple love story and this film is a culmination of some wonderful moments weaved into a beautiful narrative which is very simple," Samantha told Hyderabad Times (HT). "In 'A Aa', every character has a specific role to play. Anupama is a village girl, while I am city-bred. My relationship with my father (Naresh) is different from that with my mother (Nadiya)," Telugu Cinema quoted her as saying.

Nithin says he will be seen playing a never-played-before role in "A... Aa." "Trivikram has portrayed me in a new light. Audiences will see a new Nithiin in the film. As an actor, it was a refreshing change to see myself in an avatar I haven't played before," Nithin told IANS.

Samantha says she is playing a comic role in the movie in "A...Aa." "I have tried serious and romantic roles, but not comedy. It's very difficult to pull off comedy. That's why I respect comedians a lot. I have tried it for the first time in 'A Aa'," the actress told Telugu Cinema.

The chemistry between Nithin and Samantha will be one of the main attractions of "A...Aa." The actors, who are close friends in real life, say they initially had a tough time shooting the scenes featuring them together, and that the director had to keep them at ease and get them ready for the scenes.

"We are friends off screen and because of that it was really difficult to portray romance onscreen. You won't believe, on the first two days there was zero chemistry!," HT quoted Samantha as recalling.

"There is always pressure when working with a co-star who is your friend. I was nervous initially because I hadn't worked with most of the actors in the film before. But once we got into the groove, it turned out to be a ball," Nithiin told HT.