A... Aa
A... Aa

Telugu movie "A...Aa," starring Nithin and Samantha, has collected over Rs. 38.18 crore gross at the worldwide box office in its first weekend. It has recovered 90 percent of the investments to its distributors in the four days.

"A...Aa" is one of the most hyped and highly-awaited Telugu movies of 2016. The movie had huge amount of hype and promotion before its release. Director Trivikram Srinivas and actress Samantha's association with this film had increased the expectations of the viewers across the globe.

The Nithin and Samantha starrer was released in 600 screens in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, 200 screens in other parts of India and 200 screens in the international markets on June 2, the Telangana Formation Day. "A...Aa" was released in a total of 1,000 screens across the globe and it is the biggest screen count for a Nithin starrer film. The film had decent advance bookings for its opening day.

The Trivikram Srinivas-directed family entertainer was premiered in hundreds of screens in the foreign countries on June 1 and it received an earth-shattering response. "A...Aa" collected $266,729 at the U.S. box office in the premiere shows. The film not just became the biggest opener for Nithin, but also the highest grossing movie of his career. Moreover, it received positive talk from the audience there.

"A...Aa" witnessed massive amount of footfalls in the early morning shows on Thursday and the word of mouth took its business upwards in the later shows. The movie collected Rs. 7.25 crore gross at the AP/T box office on the first day and it earned Rs. 5.58 crore for its distributors.

The strong word of mouth helped it go from strength to strength everywhere around the world on the following days. According to the early estimates, "A...Aa" has collected approximately over Rs. 38.18 crore at the worldwide box office in the four-day extended first weekend. The film is estimated to have earned Rs. 16 crore for its AP/T distributors and Rs. 11 crore for the distributors in other parts of the world.

"A...Aa" has been made with a whopping budget of Rs. 35 crore by S Radha Krishna under the banner Haarika and Hassine Creations. Its global theatrical rights earned Rs. 30 crore for the producer. The movie is estimated to have earned Rs. 26.68 crore to its distributors in four-day extended opening weekend. The film has recovered 90 percent of the investment of its distributors.

Here are the details of the area-wise rights and the earnings of "A...Aa", reported by Andhra Box Office.

Area Distributor Rights Price Earnings
Nizam  Dil Raju Rs. 8 crore Rs. 6.62 crore
Ceeded  Gangadhar Rs. 3.60 crore Rs. 2.23 crore
Vizag  AV Cinemas Rs. 2.70 crore Rs. 1.60 crore
G East  Anushri Films Rs. 1.90 crore Rs. 1.34 crore
G West  Usha Pictures Rs. 1.60 crore Rs. 1 crore
Krishna  Shakti Pictures Rs. 1.70 crore Rs. 1.22 crore
Guntur  Jayram  Rs. 2.20 crore Rs. 1.26 crore
Nellore  Anjali Pictures  Rs. 0.90 crore Rs. 0.47 crore
AP/T Total    Rs. 22.60 crore Rs. 15.77 crore
Karnataka  Amrutha  Rs. 2.50 crore Rs. 1.80 crore
Rest of India  Various  Rs. 070 crore Rs. 0.50 crore
Overseas  Blue Sky  Rs. 4.70 crore Rs. 8.61 crore
Global Total    Rs. 30.50 crore  Rs. 26.68 crore