‘A...Aa’ US box office collection: Nithin starrer’s business affected by ‘Udta Punjab,’ ‘Gentleman’ in 3rd weekend. Pictured: A...Aa still.Twitter

Director Trivakram Srinivas' movie "A...Aa" has maintained the rock-steady move at the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana box office on Saturday and its three day gross total inched closer Rs. 20 crore mark.

Amidst huge hype and promotions, "A...Aa" was released in 580 screens in 550 locations across both the Telugu speaking states on June 2, which happened to Telangana Formation Day. The movie opened to a massive response everywhere and collected Rs. 7.25 crore gross at the AP/T box office on the first day. The film earned a share of Rs. 5.58 crore for its distributors on its opening day.

The Trivakram Srinivas-directed family entertainer garnered positive talk from audience and critics and the word of mouth helped it fare well at the ticket counters on Friday and Saturday. "A...Aa" is estimated to have collected Rs. 8.64 crore gross at the AP/T on these two days. The Nithin Samantha-starrer earned a share of Rs. 6.65 crore for its distributors.

"A...Aa" is estimated to have collected Rs. 15.89 crore gross at the AP/T box office in three days. The film has fetched Rs. 12.23 crore for its distributors, who shelled out Rs. 22.60 crore. The movie has recovered 54.11 percent of their investments in thee days. Early trends show the film will  recover 15 percent of it on Sunday. It will return 70 percent of their investments in its first weekend.

Here is the estimated area-wise share of "A...Aa". These numbers may not match with the actual figures released by the makers. 

Area Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Total Share
Nizam Rs. 2.30 crore Rs. 1.43 crore Rs. 1.40 crore Rs. 5.13 crore
Ceeded Rs. 0.75 crore Rs. 0.50 crore Rs. 0.48 crore Rs. 1.73 crore
Vizag Rs. 0.50 crore Rs. 0.40 crore Rs. 0.38 crore Rs. 1.28 crore
G. East Rs. 0.56 crore Rs. 0.25 crore Rs. 0.24 crore Rs. 1.05 crore 
G. West Rs. 0.40 crore  Rs. 0.19 crore  Rs. 0.17 crore Rs. 0.76 crore
Krishna  Rs. 0.40 crore Rs. 0.26 crore Rs. 0.25 crore Rs. 0.91 crore
Guntur Rs. 0.47 crore Rs. 0.24 crore Rs. 0.23 crore Rs. 0.94 crore
Nellore Rs. 0.20 crore Rs. 0.12 crore Rs. 0.11 crore Rs. 0.43 crore
AP/T total Rs. 5.58 crore Rs. 3.39 crore Rs. 3.26 crore Rs. 12.23 crore

[1 lakh = 100,000 | 1 crore = 10 million | 100 crore = 1 billion]