Tollywood's first hockey movie titled 'A1 Express' is all set for its release on 5th March. Sundeep Kishan and Lavanya Tripathi as the main leads, the movie A1 Express is directed by debutant Dennis Kanukolanu. Hero Sundeep Kishan interacts with us to share his thoughts and experience working for this sports movie.

Sundeep Kishan from A1 Express movie

Q. How do you feel being a part of Telugu's first 'Hockey' movie?

A. I am super excited to show the real spirit of Hockey to the audience. I am hoping to bring the greatness of Hockey into the scenario. As we all know that Hockey is the national sport of India, but we need to accept that nobody knows the sport more than that. Unlike cricket, no one is so interested to take up Hockey, or even play.
I am sure this movie A1 Express will increase the interest in hockey, as the narration is going to be interactive with the audience. I feel great to be a part of such an interactive sports drama.

Q. The movie 'Venkatadri Express' being the biggest hit for you, is the word 'Express' considered lucky for 'A1 Express'?

A. It is true that Venkatadri Express is such a part of my life I would never forget. So is A1 Express for me. If you draw this comparison between the titles and expect this movie A1 Express would become such a hit like Venkatadri Express, I would be the happiest person.

Q. Could you please tell us something about the technicians you have worked with, for A1 Express?

A. We have taken up this initiative to rope in debutants in different lines of work for A1 Express. We have 14 new technicians working for different departments, which made us unfollow the traditional terms and start everything fresh.
The response to the trailer speaks about the work.

Q. How did you get roped in for A1 Express?

A. I had an opportunity to work with the producers, with whom I sat down to zero the subject. We all felt that this movie is the one, which would bring us all together for work. As this is an emotional sports drama, we are content with the output.

Q. How was it working with Hip-hop Tamizha?

A. Hip-hop Tamizha is someone who is so connected with the story. Say, if we are the ones narrating the story with our action, screenplay, and dialogues, Hip-hop Tamizha is the one who has tried to do the same with his music. His music is so much in synchronization with the narrative in A1 Express. He is one of the closest persons to me.

Q. How was it working with debutant director Dennis Kanukolanu?

A. I wish Dennis all the very best. He is a man with a vision. I must say we were in sync all through. He is a very hardworking man. We all carry the same kind of vibe and energy.

Q. A few words about Lavanya Tripathi in A1 Express?

A. Lavanya is a very good friend of mine. As soon as she got on board for A1 Express, she started being a part of our core team. Her work was always to act in front of the camera and leave. But, she sat down with us during the discussions and worked with us as a member of the team, not as a star.

Sundeep Kishan and Lavanya Tripathi from A1 Express

Q. Is A1 Express just a commercial movie with a sports feature?

A. A1 is a commercial movie for sure. But, hockey has been treated with the utmost honesty. If you ask me how well I am at hockey, I would say I learned the sport as much as it appeals to the narrative of the movie. There is an emotional connection with the sport, which is the dramatization every commercial movie would feature. If people want the sport as it is, they would rather watch it live. If there is a movie being made on the sport, it would need a commercial aspect for sure. A1 is a commercial sports movie. 

Touted to be the first hockey movie in Telugu, A1 Express is all set to hit the screens on 5th March, and the team is busy with promotional activities.  The movie is expected to appeal to sports lovers. Actors Rao Ramesh, Murali Krishna, and others play pivotal roles in this movie.