Santhanam's A1: Accused No. 1.PR Handout

A comedy movie does not necessarily have to be logically-correct sequences and Santhanam's A1: Accused No. 1 is one such film which can be thoroughly enjoyed if watched without worrying about the flaws in the flick.

The movie with a run-time of close to two hours revolves around a girl named Divya from the upper caste played by Tara Alisha Berry and Saravanan (Santhanam). She desires to marry a fearless don but is very particular about tying the knot with a man from her community.

After falling in love with Saravanan, she decides to part ways with him as he belongs to a different caste. But her feeling for him is reignited after he saves her father Ramanathan's life (Yatin Karyekar). Unfortunately, her father disapproves their love. What follows next is the best part of the film.

The movie lacks freshness in content but the viewers are not complaining because it has ample elements to break their funny bones. The performances of not just Santhanam but all the supporting artists backed with well-written one-liners make it an enjoyable outing.

A1: Accused No. 1 has garnered positive reviews from the viewers. Check out how the cine-goers have responded to the film:

Sreedhar Pillai: #A1,a timepass fun ride ,lots of howlarious moments. An out & out @iamsanthanam show with his one-liners, accompanied by an array of comedians. Some hilarious scenes are put together with not much of a plotline. Before U put your thinking cap its end titles (108 minutes)!

Kaushik LM: #A1 1st half - Enough comedy from
@iamsanthanam & his sidekicks to give us a jolly-good time. Slim Santa is in good form. There are lotsa caste-related stereotypes in a typical love story between a local guy & a Brahmin girl. The interval block justifies the title 'Accused No.1'

Rajasekar: #A1 #AccusedNo1 is a jolly fun entertainer. Go with your friends and laugh out loud. The crisp run time (1hr 50 mins) is a plus. There are a few logic issues here and there but that's acceptable for a popcorn entertainer #TimePass

Kollywood Cinema: #A1 #A1Review - #KcReview 3.25/5
Unlimited Comedy Entertainment from #Sathanam. Woow #Sandy is back in full form. Crisp Timing is major plus
Dont miss to watch in big screen.
#A1Film - Stress Buster

Review Ram: #Aadai (Tamil) - Interval - Weird, interesting, gutsy and different. The prank sequences are fun and will connect well with the youth. The title credits was personally a superb shock for me. The flow of characters, situations and plot-points are engaging. 'Fine' so far.
Really wish @iamsanthanam tries something beyond these template 'Ponna Kattikaradhuku Poradura Hero' scripts.
@Music_Santhosh's music is a big misfit to this commercial potboiler. The North Indian heroine @taraalisha01 completely failed to justify the Brahmin girl role.
#A1 - 2/ 5.
Madcap rom-com that entertains, but only in a tiny form. Coco actor 'Redin Kingley' has done well. Could not happily react to #Santhanam's counters. Lot of unpleasant humour, also problematic as it deals with the differences in society without proper understanding.
#A1 - Interval - Rarely laughable. The extra punch added to a dialogue in a normal situation feels force-fit, has a lot of cheap humour too. #Santhanam yet again goes in the usual rom-com way, I believe he's capable of doing much more as a hero. Songs are messy.
'Dull' so far.

Prashanth Rangaswamy: #A1movie Interval - Lollu sabha
@iamsanthanam is back. Sirichu mayakkame vanthidum pola, pinni pedal eduthu irukaanga . There is one paattukku ethir paattu matter - Nichayam trend aagum ! .

Sidhu: #A1movie: Debutant director Johnson has tried his best to not hurt sentiments while weaving around a comical tale involving castes - it works to an extent. A few good segments and nice wordplay do bring in the laughter!
#A1movie: Generic, yet jolly. The laughs keep coming at regular intervals thanks to the presence of @iamsanthanam and a good support cast. At a runtime of less than two hours, it gives you what you expect of it. Watchable entertainer!

Sathish Kumar M: #A1Movie It is a Must Watch for people who love ##Santhanam's comedy. Our #Santa is back in style and entertain us yet again. Happy to see #Santhanam in complete form throughout the film. He makes us LOL in many scenes. His introduction scene has come out very well #A1Movie Absolutely no logic, but Vintage Santhanam's comedy magic throughout the film. A complete comedy entertainer in Kollywood after long time.