AAP wins Delhi Elections
Aam Aadmi Party chief and its chief ministerial candidate for Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal (R) is embraced by a member of his party, as he addresses his supporters in New Delhi.Reuters

As Aam Aadmi Party re-claims Delhi, the voters now want CM-designate Arvind Kejriwal to deliver on his promises and not run away from responsibilities like he did a year ago. The voters of Delhi have put their faith in the man once again, giving him a precious second chance, expecting him to end their problems.

Kejriwal now needs to prove to Delhi that he is capable of taking charge of the Capital and completing the five-year term working efficiently for their development.

Here are a few things that the voters may want their new CM to remember:

  1. First and foremost, people would not want Kejriwal to let the second chance and their faith in him go in vain. They want a stable government this time around. 
  2. Kejriwal and his party needs to work in harmony with the central government or else the people of Delhi will have to suffer the consequences of their bitterness. People would want the CM to deliver on the promises of development instead of getting into political fracas with BJP or its netas.
  3. The people of Delhi would not want any more dharnas. They want action, not reaction from the leader. They would prefer Kejriwal to act on the issue rather than sit on dharnas and waste Delhi's time.
  4. The Delhiites would like Kejriwal to act like a leader and deliver transparent, accountable, and corruption-free governance, as promised.

Now, what does Delhi expect from the government? Here are a few things on the priority list:

  1. Comprehensive public transportation system – maintenance of roads, Metro, trains -- affordable and dependable water and electricity, public Wi-Fi zones, effective sanitation, solid waste management, toilets, reduction in pollution levels and drug-free youth.
  2. Making government schools as efficient as the private ones. Twenty new colleges in rural areas, skills and vocational training complimenting academics, scholarships for the needy and development of sports facilities in both rural and urban areas.
  3. Delhiites want Kejriwal to focus on job opportunities, for which they want support to entrepreneurs paving way for creating more jobs. For economic growth, they want excessive taxation to be relooked at. They also need a tech-friendly government who interacts with citizens over the internet.
  4. In the wake of increasing crimes against women, Delhi needs a Women's Security Force to be formed by utilising Delhi's 12,000-strong New Delhi Home Guards and Civil Defense Force, install CCTV cameras and street light. Forty-seven additional courts for speedy hearings.