The Internet is buzzing with stories of people who claim they have met aliens and interacted with them. Some even go as far as saying they have been to their spaceships and have seen their home planet.

With the advent of technology, proving these claims has become easier. There are numerous image and video-editing software that can manipulate an image or video clip in a significantly convincing way.

However, even though it is difficult nowadays to differentiate between fake and real alien encounter stories, there are some instances where people may have actually encountered something unearthly.

Though there is no definitive proof it was an alien or some other extraterrestrial element, their stories clearly indicate the stranger or strange object was not of this world. Here are a few of such instances.

Reddit user scrappster, describes his encounter with a jovial-looking alien in the middle of the night. According to him, the alien just wanted to let the people of Earth know extraterrestrials exist.

This is how scrappster describes the experience: "He looked a bit like a reptile, sorta akin to a raptor, but with a larger, rounder skull. A strong brow ridge, and there were circle-type bunches all over his body, which I assumed were scales. (sic)"

Some stories are so scary and terrifying that at first it is hard to believe them. However, another Reddit user, Lchmst, describes one of bizarre incident as follows:

"I find myself waking up to the oddest buzzing sound. It was distinct and had a sort of percussive rhythm to it. As I start to wipe the sleep from my eyes I realise I'm sitting up and all the lights are on in the surrounding rooms and the TV has turned to white noise. It was straight out of a horrible ghost movie. (sic)"

In another story, told by user MY_SH*T_IS_PERFECT, his dad was confronted by a stranger who came in a completely black car, dressed in a black suit. The stranger asked the user's dad some questions regarding whether he had seen something out of the ordinary. When his dad answered positively, the stranger went away immediately, looking worried and without saying anything.

Though Men in Black stories keep popping up every now and then, it is highly unlikely governments are involved in something as far-fetched as the whole alien issue.

On the other hand, there is a significant possibility that aliens do exist, and governments try their best to keep them a secret.