The legendary Scrat is back and so is his legendary acorn. The first trailer of the next movie in Ice Age franchise titled "Ice Age: Continental Drift" has hit the internet and it may strongly remind the fans of the "Alien" movies.

It has become a tradition in all Ice Age movies to begin with Scrat and his never ending struggles to chase an acorn. Hence, keeping the tradition alive, the trailer to the fifth instalment in the franchise also opens with a scene where Scrat is desperately trying to find a safe place for his acorn.

However, what follows is perhaps beyond the imagination of any of the fans. Scrat mistakenly falls into a tunnel which leads to an ice cave. When he tries to explore it, he accidentally triggers a switch and the cave is revealed to be a spaceship.

Initially shocked, he soon realises that his acorn is stuck in a steering lever. Hence, undoubtedly, he pulls it. What follows is complete mayhem and chaos.

The spaceship rockets into space and Scrat witnesses numerous planets and other intergalactic elements. Awed by the whole experience, he notices, much to his horror that the big bang has occurred and it is going to destroy his spaceship.

Scrat is known for two things; his love for his acorn and incredibly good luck. The moment his spaceship is about to be engulfed in the blast, his luck turns and he somehow escapes through a pod back to earth. Of course, the acorn follows him. 

On Earth, Manny, Sid and Diego think that the incoming asteroids are shooting stars. Sid urges them to make a wish but the moment he finishes, a small asteroid throws him high in the air.

Though there are no direct references, the trailer certainly consists of a number of classic space fantasy elements like "2001: A Space Odyssey" and "Alien." In the previous movies too, there have been references to certain iconic films.