Detox diet
Exercising and consuming healthy foods and beverages will help you in detoxing your body post festivities.Reuters

We treat ourselves with all sorts of high cal foods, beverages, sweetmeats, sugary, oily and greasy delights during festivals forgetting all the hard work we did and the precautions we took to maintain our health.

A majority of us end up having high sugar, cholesterol and an increased body weight after enjoying the guilty pleasures of eating and drinking calorific foods post celebrations. Here are some tips to get rid of these unwanted issues naturally and to detox ourselves:

Drink water in abundance: Drinking around 8 to 10 glasses of water everyday will help in expelling all the toxins out and provides you with glowing skin. This also helps in improving the body's metabolism rate and improves the bowel movement.

Go Green with green tea: This antioxidant rich beverage helps in detoxifying and cleansing your body. Consuming two cups of this goodness will help you feel fresher, lighter and will cut your weight too. You will feel the difference after consuming it regularly over a period of time.

Eat healthy frequently: Instead of eating thrice, switch to eating fresh fruits and veggie salads five or six times a day in lesser quantities. Doing so will keep you filled and also provide you with required nutrients and will detoxify your body.

Workout: Exercise hard till you sweat to lessen the toxin levels from your body. Go for jogging, running and brisk walking in order to shed the extra pounds you gained by consuming calorific foods. Apart from helping you in cutting weight, it will also help in improving the blood circulation in your body while making you feel active.

Lower sugar intake: Cutting down on sugar intake is a must while detoxifying your body, avoid in taking processed sugar and go high on natural sugars found in fruits instead. Doing so will not add on to your calorie intake, it is healthier for your body.