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There is something about Disney Pixar movies that always seems to touch a chord. While a lot may dismiss animated movies as something for the kids, Disney Pixar has proved time and again that it appeals to everyone- young and old becoming some of the most beloved animated movies in the past few decades. The attention to detail, character development, relatability, all brewed together make for the perfect cup of entertainment. With Incredibles 2 wow-ing us again and Toy story 4 in production, here is a look at the masterpieces that Disney Pixar has delivered over the past few decades.

Toy Story

Where it all started. Released in 1994, Toy Story tells the tale of Andy's toys who come to life when humans are not around. It centres around Andy's favourite cowboy doll called Woody who is replaced by Buzz, as Andy's new favourite toy. Woody is consumed with jealousy and plans to get of Buzz. However, after a series of events, both of them are lost and they have to find a way back home before Andy moves to a new city. Despite the hatred, they co-operate and work together to get home.

Incredibles Series

The story is about a superhero family who is forced to stay undercover because of public opinion against superheroes. They try their best but are forced to come out and do what they love, that is to save the world. Despite being superheroes, the characters are sculpted in such a way that they relate to every family, from different nuances to dialogues, people see themselves in the characters, be it dad, mom, awkward pre-teen to annoying younger brother.

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One of the most beloved Disney Pixar movies of all times, Up tells the story of 78-year-old Carl Fredricksen who decides to travel to Paradise Falls to fulfil the dream of his sweetheart wife who passed away some years ago. Up is definitely a movie that makes you cry, laugh, overwhelm you with emotion with every successive scene. It beautifully teaches us what love means, what moving on and letting go means.

Finding Nemo

Adorable yet subtly passing the message, Finding Nemo tells the story of Marlin, who ventures out of the Great Barrier Reef to look for his son, Nemo who was captured and taken away. Determined to find him despite all the odds, Marlin sets out on an adventure of his own. Marlin and Nemo may be just fish in the ocean something that should be very odd to relate to and yet Disney Pixar works their magic again by making Marlin so relatable as an overprotective parent and Nemo as a rebel child whose rebellion costs both of them a great deal. I am sure that's something we all can be held guilty of at some point.

Finding Nemo
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Cars 3

Welcome to the world of Cars. Meet Lightning McQueen, a once upon a time hot shot race car in Radiator Springs, who is not ready to give up just yet. Though his engines may have become a little old and it he may not be as fast as he once was but Lightning McQueen isn't going out so easy. He has one last chance to prove to all the young racers that he is still the best race car in the world. From teaching about friendships, family, hard work and motivation, Cars 3 is definitely one of the best Disney Pixar movies. Cars 3 will be appearing on July 21, Saturday, at 3 pm on Star Movies.