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Back in the past, soundtracks on television shows weren't given a lot of importance or even heed. Cut to present, television has evolved to not only showcase some of the most dramatic masterpieces, intrinsic storylines and superb visuals. In a bid to keep audiences' thoughts and emotions hooked to the series, newer and more original soundtracks are specially created for television today.

While films may most often come under the radar for its amazing musical score, television today has provided more than its fair share of melodious moments to be compared to any in cinema's history!

To celebrate International Music Day, here is a list of shows who have successfully created waves in the soundtracks category!

So get groovin' with fresh new soundtracks for your playlist!

This Is Us

This Is Us
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A show that has stolen hearts across the globe, This Is Us, has managed to wreak havoc in the hearts and homes of viewers while also increasing sales and revenues for the tissue industry. No episode of the series goes by without some relentless weeping or at least a quiet sob. And in all of this, soundtracks of the series has played a crucial role in making viewers feel the emotion and depth of every scene.

So much so, that audiences worldwide have applauded the music and the album ranked no. 1 on iTunes. Goldspot forerunner and lead singer, Siddhartha Khosla along with Chris Pierce have written and provided the musical scores for the show. This Is Us airs in India on Star World!

Big Little Lies

Big little lies
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It has been rightly pointed out in the Reese Witherspoon-Nicole Kidman-Shailene Woodley-Laura Dern starrer Big Little Lies, the music has its own characteristics and a very prominent role in the show. In fact, it feels like music is another character on Big Little Lies altogether!

The soundtracks of the show were so widely spoken about and even listened to, that an entire album comprising of soundtracks was released for viewers and titled - Big Little Lies: Music From the HBO Limited Series. Big Little Lies Season 2 will premiere in India on Star World!


Westworld season 2
Westworld season 2Twitter/ HBO PR

Westworld first wowed the audiences through its title track. Created by none other than Ramin Djawadi of Game of Thrones, the title track garnered much publicity and love from critics and audiences, alike! Moreover the first season of the widely popular show cemented the use of a player piano as one of many iconic features.

In fact, even creators, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, worked with composer Ramin Djawadi to embed anachronistic musical cues into the mostly Western setting via the player piano and other soundtrack choices. Today Westworld has gone on to achieve much adulation for its excellent soundtracks! Westworld Seasons 1 & 2 will premiere in India on Star World starting June 28th!

13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why
Netflix's 13 Reasons WhyInstagram/ 13 Reasons Why

With Selena Gomez helming this show, it comes as no surprise that 13 Reasons Why is on this list! From Hannah and Clay's dance track to Selena Gomez's single – Only You, this show is filled with some of the most heartwarming and sometimes heart-wrenching soundtracks on television. Each song on the series echoes the slow, naive, and sadly optimistic tone of this series.

The best part about the soundtracks though is that it perfectly captures what it means to be a teenager. Decades of music have been defined by teen interest – from the soulful rock of the '70s to the glam rock '80s, the grunge of the '90s and the rap of the '90s and '00s, 13 Reasons Why handles its music in a way that distinctly mirrors high school! 13 Reasons Why Seasons 1 & 2 air on Netflix!

Game of Thrones

Emilia Clarke, Peter Dinklange, Conleth Hill, Nathalie Emmanuel, Liam Cunningham and Kit Harington in a still from Ep 4 'Spoils of War'
Emilia Clarke, Peter Dinklange, Conleth Hill, Nathalie Emmanuel, Liam Cunningham and Kit Harington in a stillHBO

It was a caller tune, it played in everyone's home during prime viewing time, it was a ringtone and it was more than just a title track – it was a phenomenon. Not just the shows, the dialogues and the performances but the title track and various other songs created for and during the course of the show have gone on to become massive feats achieved by none other than the creators of the show – David Benioff and DB Weiss as well as the music composer of the series and the name that is today synonymous with excellent music making and the GoT soundtrack – Ramin Djawadi!

The show received so much praise and popularity that even Coldplay got together with the GoT cast to raise money for the Red Nose charity by creating a unique and 'pun'ny take on the personalities of the main characters as well as the major incidents that took place on the series such as the Red Wedding!

Season 8 of Game of Thrones, the Series Finale Season of the show will premiere in India on Star World in 2019!