We don't get to see such bizarre dismissals like 'obsrtucting the field' on the field in the game of cricket quite often but when it happens, the fans remember them distinctly.

Ben Stokes has recently sculpted his name in the history of cricket after he was given out 'obstructing the field' in the second ODI against Australia at Lord's on Sunday.

The Law 37 says, "Either Batsman, on appeal, shall be out Obstructing the Field if he wilfully obstructs the opposite side by word or action."

Stokes thought he would get away with it but could not after he stopped a strong throw from Mitchell Starc with his hands.

Stokes later clarified that he was trying to save himself from getting hit by the ball but the umpires found out from the replay that he blocked the ball with his hands, which was aimed at the stumps. 

Stoke's dismissal against Australia:

Ben Stokes gets out Obstructing the Field by CricXtra

In 2006, a high-voltage ODI game between India and Pakistan was being played at Peshawar. Pakistan needed 41 from 40 balls and the then captain Inzamam ul Haq was at the crease. Inzamam played a shot to mid-on where Suresh Raina was stationed. He had stepped out of his crease when Raina decided to take a shy at the stumps. But Inzamam made the same mistake of preventing the ball from hitting the stumps gently. 

Here's how Inzamam was dismissed obstructing the field:

Next on the list is Mohammad Hafeez who got himself out in a similar fashion. In 2013, Hafeez was given out obstructing the field while he was batting against South Africa. In an attempt to complete a run, he ran in the way of the ball so that he could stop the ball from hitting the stumps and was eventually given out by the umpires. 

Take a look at Mohammad Hafeez's dismissal:

Mohammad Hafeez Run Out - Obstructing The Field by great-and-funny-videos

Fourth in the list is another Pakistani batsman, Anwar Ali, who came in the way of the ball and the stumps while completing a run. He probably had anticipated the trajectory of the throw and the umpires thought that the batsman had done it on purpose. 

Here's Anwar Ali's dismissal:

The fifth and final one is Yusuf Pathan who was declared out for obstructing the field in an IPL game against the Pune Warriors India back in 2013. While completing a run, Pathan blocked Wayne Parnell from getting to the ball and further kicked the ball so that the bowler does not get his hands on it. The umpires did not hesitate to get him out. 

Take a look at Yusuf Pathan's dismissal in the IPL for obstructing the field

Yusuf Pathan Obstructing the field by sonataca