Samsung Galaxy Note7 India release date leaked
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Samsung has incurred a huge loss from its ambitious Galaxy Note 7 instead of making a fortune. It was forced to recall the replacement units of the device too after issues continued to dog it. However, millions of people are not willing to give up the handset in spite of the risk factor, which has become a matter of concern.

The South Korean technology giant has recalled the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 following reports of the handset catching fire due to a faulty battery. It has given two options to the consumers -- either exchange with the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge or a full refund. But reports have claimed that less than 10 per cent of the Galaxy Note 7 users have opted for refund or exchange, which means more than a million people are still using the device.

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"There's a high possibility that current Note7 owners are early adapters who prioritize new functions, considering the fact that they bought the product almost as soon as it was released in August," Choi Soon-hwa, professor of international business at Dongduk Women's University to Korea Joongang Daily.

"They might even think the Note 7's new features are more important than safety issues," Soon-hwa added.

Whatever may be the reason for using the possibly faulty device, it is best not to take chances. Here are four reasons why you should return or exchange the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 soon:

1) The deadline for the refund or exchange of the Galaxy Note 7 is December 3. So, if anything goes wrong with your handset after the deadline, the company won't be held responsible.

2) One can't rule out that the handset won't catch fire. The risk is obvious because users didn't complain for nothing and the company recalled it after a thorough investigation.

3) Several airlines have prohibited passengers from taking the Galaxy Note 7 inside the plane, which will cause inconvenience to the travellers. In fact, the Federal Aviation Administration, a national organisation that sets regulations for airports and airlines in the US, has announced that carrying the device on board a plane will be regarded as a criminal act. Offenders are liable to pay a fine of up to $179,933, and those trying to bring the device inside the plane could be imprisoned for up to 10 years.

4) With Samsung discontinuing the production of the device, service centres may not accept the handset for repair works. The company is also very unlikely to provide software updates.

[Source: KoreaJoongangDaily]