Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mass recall after reports of device exploding while charging
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mass recall after reports of device exploding while charging

Faced with an unprecedented predicament over the fiasco of its Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has decided to recall all the units of the device. The company has now announced that users of the handset in Canada can start returning the products.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners can now bring their devices to the original Samsung store or an authorised reseller point of purchase. Customers can either exchange the product with a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge device, or opt for a full refund for the device and its specific accessories.

A refund will be offered upon return receipt of the recalled device for those who had bought it on, and the company will provide more information on the return process through email.

"The team has been consistent in our resolve in putting consumers first and worked as quickly as possible," said Paul Brannen, COO & EVP, Mobile and Enterprise Solutions. "We are committed to working closely with our carrier and retail partners to make this as easy as possible for consumers. We appreciate the support we've received over the past few weeks."

The Galaxy Note 7 return process started in Canada on Thursday, and customers can contact 1-855-747-6520 for inquiries.

Samsung has received a huge setback with its ambitious handset Galaxy Note 7 facing a pre-mature death due continous technical issues. The company was forced to announce a global recall of the device after several explosions were reported. It has finally decided to stop production or selling of the handset, as problems kept dogging it even after battery replacement.