Jyothika starrer "36 Vayadhinile" aka "36 Vayathinile" hit screens worldwide on Friday, 15 May. The Tamil movie, whish is a remake of hit Malayalam movie "How Old Are You?", has opened to positive reviews from the audience and critics.

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The Tamil movie marks the comeback of Jyothika after eight years. The wife of actor Suriya had taken the break to look after her family and made a comeback with this film, as she was impressed by "How Old Are You".

36 Vayadhinile
Jyothika in "36 Vayadhinile"Facebook/ 36 Vayadhinile

"36 Vayadhinile" narrates the coming-of-age story of housewife Vasanthi, who is considered as incapable of anything good by her family. The story tries to project the pain of housewives and mothers, who are not respected for how they religiously sacrifice their interests for their families.

Average Ratings Given by Audience: 3

It is the story of a woman, who rediscovers her identity and reaches the pinnacle of glory. Her fight back after being ignored by her husband and people around her become an inspiration to achieve her goals. It project her transformation from a laidback woman to a sprightly lady and it is the crux of the story.

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The film has Santhosh Narayanan's music, R Diwakaran's cinematography and Mahesh Narayanan's editing. "36 Vayadhinile " is directed by Roshan Andrrews, the creator of "How Old Are You". Rahman, Abhirami, Nassar, Delhi Prakash, Prem, Siddharth Basu, MS Bhaskar and others feature in the cast.

Below, we bring you the live audience reviews for the movie:

Ramesh Tweeted
#36Vayadhinile 1st half: #Jyothika is back with a bang.. Lovely expressions.. Delight to watch.. Movie is also well paced and interesting..
#36Vayadhinile [3.75/5] #Jyothika has made an impressive comeback in this well made, crisp and message oriented, still entertaining movie..
#36Vayadhinile [3.75/5] Actress #Jyothika is the heart and soul of the movie.. Her expressions and body language perfectly suit the char..
#36Vayadhinile [3.75/5] #Jyothika 's break for 8yrs doesn't show up.. She has performed admirably.. In 5/6 places, audience were clapping..
#36Vayadhinile [3.75/5] - Supporting cast - Actor #DelhiGanesh, #Devadharshini were gud.. #Santosh 's songs and BGM go with the mood..
#36Vayadhinile [3.75/5] Dir #RoshanAndrews has remade da movie well.. He has effectively used #Jyothika's strengths.. The movie breezes thru
#36Vayadhinile [3.75/5] Finally kudos to @Suriya_offl and @2D_ENTPVTLTD for producing a quality movie.. The movie will work big time @ da BO

Cineithal ‏Tweeted
1st half finished - #36Vayathinile not a single scene got bored, congrats to @2D_ENTPVTLTD @Suriya_offl #Suriya
#36Vayathinile - Complete Jyothika Film, Good Comeback, @Music_Santhosh Music appreciable. @2D_ENTPVTLTD Debutant release Is going to be hit

Praveen Karan ‏Posted
#36Vayadhinile ― The film is highly inspiring. The storyline & dialogues spot on! #Jyotika's performance is incomparable. Lovely comeback :)
#36Vayadhinile― 3/5 One beautiful film! The underlying mottos & overall message conveyed in the best way possible. Liked it! #Womanpower

Red Carpet Ent Posted
#36Vayadhinile :3.5/5 The movie is all about emotions,happiness,relationship & entertainment.An enjoyable flick in mid of summer. 3/3
#36Vayadhinile :3.5/5 The complete show of #JO,rest of the cast did decent job.Music blends with emotions.The folk song is enjoyable.2/3
#36Vayadhinile :3.5/5 #Jyothika's screen presence took movie to rich look.Directer Roshan Andrews shaped well for Tamil audience.1/3

Dinesh Wrote
I think i need to learn Malayalam just for their quality movies. #36Vayadhinile explained me how authentic they are.
#36Vayadhinile- Dialogues! It covers the whole emotional feelings burried inside a woman. Their happiness, sacrifice, dreams and love.
#36Vayadhinile- This movie is a must watch for men. It inspires us how and how not to treat women. Let us not control their dreams.
#36Vayadhinile- The film made me to laugh, cry, feel, think and cherish. Beautifully handled by the director with an excellent screenplay.
#36Vayadhinile- 4.25/5 Beautiful. Pure Cinema! Excellent performance by Jyothika. I would rate it as best of 2015 so far.
#36Vayadhinile interval - Excellent. Moving. Emotional. Lovely comeback from Jyothika. Adorable bgm by Santosh.

Prashanth Posted
Done watching #36Vayadhinile - we need plenty of movies like this!! Mersal performance from Jo!! Kudos to roshan andrews!!

Usha Tweeted
#36Vayadhinile- 4.25/5 Beautiful. Pure Cinema! Excellent performance by Jyothika. I would rate it as best of 2015 so far.

Latha Srinivasan Posted
#36Vayadhinile - 3.5/5 director #Rosshan and Viji have tuned it well to Tamil sensibilities. #Jyothika's a natural actor @2D_ENTPVTLTD
#36Vayadhinile - 3.5/5 - #Jyothika is a joy to watch on screen. Superb acting. Women's empowerment story that'll appeal to women 1/2

Watched #36Vayadhinile ..
#jo is alwzzz jo..loved her performance..

Suganth Posted
Familiar tale of women empowerment that has its problems but makes for compelling drama.

Haricharan Wrote
My review of #36Vayadhinile, a lightweight drama that entertains and inspires in equal proportion.
#36Vayadhinile Viji's dialogues a big plus for the movie. Entertains and inspires very well.
#36Vayadhinile Jo is back in style. Effortlessly carries the film on her shoulders. Something for everybody to take away. Loved it
#36Vayadhinile doesn't tell women to leave their families and go to work. If that's what you took back, you've completely got it wrong

Johnson PRO Tweeted
#Jyothika has a character of emotions, celebration and adoration in #36Vayadhinile @2D_ENTPVTLTD @Suriya_offl
No actress as #Jyothika can get such a striking comeback #36Vayadhinile

Madhuri Deepthi Wrote
First tym Audience whistling for producr name @Suriya_offl #36Vayadhinile @rajsekarpandian @nithin_rockzz @RogithVGS

Anything 4 Suriya ♥ Posted
1St Half : Jo Expressions Chancea illa Vera level
#36Vayadhinile #WelcomeBackJo @2D_ENTPVTLTD

Ananthahariharan Tweeted
Watching d movie... Missed Jo for so many years... Who all can do these kind of expressions... Awesome gift to d tinsel world #36Vayadhinile

Rakshasudu The Movie Wrote
#36Vayadhinile 3.75/5 After 8 years..#Jyothika makes it very strong on screen.she lift her portions was so gud #WelcomebackJO

Bala Navin Posted
A classy movie.Inspirational to all girls and mothers.With a very good idea told..Jo mam was wowy
Rating-3.5/5 @Suriya_offl