Thousands of girls dream of marrying Bollywood actor Salman Khan and the latest to join the list is a three-year-old, who expresses her desire to marry the superstar in the sweetest manner.

Salman shared a video on Twitter and Facebook in which the small girl is seen saying she wants to marry Salman Khan and asserting that the star is her husband.

The mother of the girl named Nitya (as mentioned in the video) records the entire video and asks her what she wants to do after growing up. The little girl very sweetly replies that she wants to marry Salman Khan and live with him like her mother lives with her husband.

One of the cutest moments in the video is when the mother asks Nitya if she knows the meaning of marriage, to which the girl replies, "Marriage means happy birthday".

The girl also dances on Salman Khan's popular song "Munni Badnaam Hui" from the film "Dabangg" and ends the video by saying "I love you Salman Khan" and offers flying kisses.

Salman shared the video on Twitter and Facebook saying, "How sweet". The video is perhaps the sweetest thing you can watch today. Check the video below.