Salman Khan, while shooting for "Bajrangi Bhaijaan" in Kashmir, had reportedly promised a poor family that he would arrange a job for the only male child in the family and also build a new house for them. However, the superstar has apparently failed to keep his promise and has been avoiding the family's attempts to contact him.

"He left us after promising much. The new house is incomplete. I have tried to call his bodyguard Shera several times. He never answers and sometimes his phone is out of reach. Before the release of the film, they would call us, but now they have stopped taking our calls. I have left my studies and I am looking for odd jobs to support my family, still hoping that Salman Khan will keep his promise to us," Mumbai Mirror quoted Gowhar Ahmed Bhat, the 18-year-old boy of the family who was promised a job by the superstar, as saying.

The distressed family includes 75-year-old lady Zaina Begum, her 40-year-old daughter and four grandchildren. Salman Khan apparently promised to offer assistance to the family after Zaina Begum had sent an application for help, but now she has lost all hope.

"Today, when I go for begging during festivals, people call me Salman Khan's mother and tell me to go to him for help. He had promised financial help for my two granddaughters, it has not come though. Our house is incomplete. We had nothing even on Eid. I have lost hope. Had I know he was like this, I wouldn't have gone to him," said Zaina Begum.

Meanwhile, Salman Khan's associate has denied the allegations and asserted that efforts are being made to rehabilitate the Kashmiri family. "We got work for the old lady's grandson in the art department of 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan' while we were shooting in Kashmir. He is the only male child in the family and needs a job in the vicinity. We have requested few people for a job for him in the valley," the report quoted a source close to Salman Khan.

"The house that Bhaijaan had promised the family is under construction but it will take a month's time to complete, post which he has assured the pictures of the new house will be shared with the media," he added.