Digging to rescue the three year old from a borewell in Bihar
Digging in progress to rescue the three year old Sana from a borewell in Bihar's Munger district.ANI

Headed by the Bihar State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF), a massive rescue operation is underway to save a trapped 3-year-old, who fell down a 110-foot borewell in Bihar's Munger district on Tuesday (July 31) afternoon.

Sana has been provided with oxygen and glucose as officials have been digging for close to 15 hours, with the operation expected to take another four hours or more to reach and rescue the girl. The team have placed rods inside the borewell to ensure that Sana does not fall further, and have nearly completed the vertical digging on a parallel shaft. 

With horizontal digging yet to be done, Sana can be heard from the well responding to her mother's calls. "We're right here beta. Mummy, papa are right in here," Sana's mother in response to her call.

Since the team is unable to provide solid food, they have sent Sana glucose water to keep up her energy levels, and have also sent oxygen down the borewell to enable her to breathe. 

Sanjeev Kumar, the SDRF official at the scene, is coordinating the rescue operations.