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At least three people were killed and more than 100 injured including 50 police personnel in violent clashes that place took place in Rohtak, Haryana on Sunday.

Violent clashes erupted between members of Arya Samaj and controversial dera head Rampal who heads the Satlok Ashram, located on the outskirts of Karontha village on Rohtak-Jhajjar highway. The ashram's chief and his followers have been criticising Arya Samaj and their ideologies in various publications.

In turn, Arya Samaj members have reacted sharply to the criticism and claimed that the ownership of the dera is illegal. Earlier, the followers of Arya Samaj had filed a petition against the dera chief, citing religious intolerance. When the issue reached the Supreme Court two months ago, the judge had ruled in favour of Rampal and had asked to maintain status quo regarding the ashram. The court also ordered the police authorities to provide safety for the dera and his followers.

Following SC's order, the Arya Samajis and the villagers had announced in a meeting that they would "fight a decisive battle" against the ashram on 12 May, according to CNN IBN. They organised a state-level meeting at Karontha village. In a bid to forcibly vacate the ashram premises, the Arya Samaj followers and a large number of villagers marched towards the ashram.

Violence sprouted when policemen tried to stop Arya Samaj members from marching towards the Ashram. The police warned the protestors not to cross the barricades. They said the protestors, in a fit of rage, torched buses and damaged vehicles.

Police resorted to lathicharge and used tear gas to stop the mob from destroying public vehicles and coming close to the ashram premises. Three people were killed and more than 100 were injured in the violent clashes. The injured have been admitted to PGIMS Rohtak hospital.

According to NDTV, prohibitory orders have been imposed under section 144 in the region. More than 2,500 police personnel have been deployed to ease the tension and the roads leading to the village have been closed.