Most fans would remember CL with long hair that hung about her waist. Well, that image of the Kpop idol is a thing of the past. The singer has chopped off her long locks and unveiled her new look on her Instagram account.

In the picture, CL's new hairstyle is short, blonde and edgy. In many ways, it represents the singer's style: a confluence of casual and sporty fashion. 

CL, who is known to have a flair for drama, presented her new look in a sporty Moschino crop top, black jeans and a white fur handmuff. In the picture, she poses alongside a life size doll of popular anime character, Atom. 

The "Come Back Home" singer was recently rumoured to be dating, Mino of WINNER. However, YG Entertainment addressed the rumours and stated that pictures of CL and Mino were photoshopped. The agency said that the pictures were, "laughingly outrageous." 

Meanwhile, the baddest female of Kpop is busy preparing for her American debut. Her solo album, which features collaborations with Diplo and Skrillex, is expected to release by the end of 2015. 

In an interview, Diplo compared the "I am the Best" singer to Nicki Minaj and said that she leans towards rap music. Diplo, who has worked with pop stars like Justin Bieber, Madonna and Britney Spears, said that CL's new solo album is eclectic and will be released in the next two months, reported Kpopstarz.