The rumours and massive misconceptions leading up to the potential "end of the world" scenario has left the world divided. While one section believes that these are just myths that are being created to instill fear among the hearts of men ahead of 28th September, others feel this is indeed the end of the world.

While we cannot make people believe something which they don't want to, we can still, for at least, follow in their fear-infested footsteps and try seeing the entire scenario from their point of view. While we are no fear mongers, and don't even try to conjure up things that don't exist, here's a throwback to all those who are of the opinion that the world is indeed ending.

So, if the world is really ending, how must you prepare to face the scenario? Here's a look at everything you need to keep in mind.

  • Medical supplies have to be kept at hand since there are added chances of accidents. Be prepared for the situation by having a well-stocked medical supply kit, apart from taking other steps to make sure you will survive.
  • Keep all your documents at hand. You might never know when you will need them when things start falling apart.
  • You will have to focus on long-term food storage as well as water storage. If possible, have a water purification plan. When the disaster strikes, you should already be well-versed with your storage plans.
  • Make sure you have enough clothing to cover yourself from anything that's happening outside. Humans don't have similar mechanisms as animals, and that means you have to utilise your intelligence to tackle any situation.
  • Know when to evacuate your location. That just might save your life during the emergency.
  • Communication is also a major thing that you need to keep in mind. This is how you will keep in touch with all those you love or care about.
  • Know how to defend yourself, not only against the nature, but also against other humans. This means taking up any means necessary to guarantee the welfare of everyone relying on you. The world is going to the dogs anyway, so why would you care?
  • Make sure you have sufficient light and heat to keep you safe from the nature. This means stocking up on flashlights, batteries and matchboxes that will help your cause.

How are you preparing for the "upcoming doomsday" on 28 September? Let us know in the comments section below.

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